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welcome to can't blind me, an tiny tower inspired apartment rp set in busan, south korea.please register in capital letters.

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 Posted: Nov 27 2015, 04:54 PM
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the plot

park sang hyuk was always a man with big dreams and the haeundae tower was his biggest dream of all. ever since he was a child he'd dreamt of building something up from the ground that not only he but others could enjoy for themselves: a mall? some sort of apartment building? an event center? why not all three and more? it was his overactive imagination (and the help of other innovative dreamers) that made "said" dream a reality and now, nearing on twenty years later, the haeundae tower is bigger and better than ever. located smack dab at the center of the haeundae district of busan, the tower is not just the place to shop and visit but the place to live. it has everything you could ever want and then some - who says that dreams can never come true?

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