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welcome to can't blind me, an tiny tower inspired apartment rp set in busan, south korea.please register in capital letters.

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 MEMBER GROUPS, mandatory read!
 Posted: Nov 28 2015, 01:24 PM
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STANDARD: for those just barely getting by, those strugging through college, those juggling more than one job, those just out of school, those working retail, those who take the little things in life with grace and love and take everything day by day. (lower class)

DELUXE: for those small families just beginning to bring in the dough, for those who've made it good with their job or with investing in their funds, for those who're getting by just fine but still not completely "there". (middle class)

LOFT: for those who're just below wish to be and those just above still turn their noses up to, for those who're doing more than okay but still need that extra "push". (upper middle class)

PENTHOUSE: for those who were born with a silver spoon in their mouths, for those who were lucky from the get go, or for those who crawled their way up to the top. (upper class)

CITIZEN: for those who were never into the tower life, for those who're interested in living more spaciously (or quietly), for those who're just visiting or those who're planning on leaving soon.

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