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May 11 2016, 07:42 PM
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The girl pulled her hands through her hair as she looked in the mirror one last time. It was rare that she felt baby free, at least for the moment.Having dropped her son off with Jae Min's mother for the night, she felt like she could breathe. It wasn't that she didn't trust her own mother with him, obviously she did. However, the fact that when Jin Woo was around her mother, it meant her father was nearby. When it came to Jae Min's mother, it made her feel at ease and almost okay with the way things were. She set her phone down on the counter, reaching for the hem of her blouse tucking it into her high waisted skirt. She gave herself a final look over, feeling as though she was good enough to be seen with him tonight. She hadn't dressed up like this since before Jin Woo was born, and the heels that were waiting for her too, it'd also been a while. <p>
She was sending a text message to a friend, before she heard the door bell. She looked up at the clock. He had made good timing with all things considered. Especially considering the way she left him last time. She was surprised he had showed up at all. Eun Ji reached for her ring, now wearing it on her right hand instead of her left. Slipping it on in its proper place, before running to the door. The girl pulled it open stepping back with a smile. "I've just got to get my bag." She said leaving the door open as she took off to find the bag from her bedroom. Stuffing her phone in the small clutch, she walked back out to him. Her apartment no wear near his, she couldn't deal with having so much space to clean and a child. Not to mention, asking her father for money was as low as it went. She had no troubles using a card though. <p>
She reached down for her heels, stepping into them as she glanced up at him with a bright smile. "You look good." She said happily, hoping he wouldn't be in a bad mood already. She turned back to look at her apartment. It wasn't a mess but clearly it had been taken over by a child. "It is not as bad as it looks." She said as she stepped up to him reaching up to smooth out a wrinkle in his shirt. "You ready to go?"

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<small><center> for: HEO JAE MIN </small>
Apr 30 2016, 06:55 PM
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<div class="descyoha"> I'm Han Eun Ji, or Jin Woo's eomma! </div>

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Apr 23 2016, 10:52 PM

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<i>FC: open
<BR>AGE: 23/6</i></div>

Okay, So I'm rewriting this because I think it was way to long, and I was half drunk so I'm sure it didn't make any sense to anyone. See even it was too long for me to reread sober! <p>
This is a request for an arranged marriage plot, that is not a finale. In fact, I doubt it'll even be anything considering the circumstances. To make a long story short 'jong' is engaged to marry my Eun Ji. I don't and probably won't consider either of them happy to be in this arranged marriage. I mean, why would you want to marry someone because your family decided it years ago. <p>
So both of them knew about this, and it is not until recently, that their parents have finally 'set' the date for them to marry towards the end of the year. Jong is a good guy, despite everything that is going on, and probably considers Eun Ji a victim of the entire situation just as much as he is. However, he does feel a duty to his parents to go through with it. So at the current moment, he is probably spending time with her, and her son. <p>
Even if he is seeing other people on the side, I think he'd let her know and she'd let him know if she was seeing anyone. She does have a son which is probably why they are pushing for the date to be moved up sooner than originally planned. Anyways, to get to the point...<p>
Jong is in his early to mid twenties, and his play by is kind of up to you, I want him to fit the rich guy stereo type. He is the youngest son, so he has no technical claim to the business, his elder brother does and thats pretty much it the rest we can plot out together?! && if u want more details just let me know okay!! :D

Apr 20 2016, 05:43 PM
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Babes </div>

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I'm in need of booze...and lots of them</div>

<p><small><center># EMMA SONG # BEOM YEON JOO
Apr 13 2016, 12:32 PM
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Eun Ji reached down fixing the strap on the sling, a small smile fixating on the child wrapped in the pretty blue fabric. "Someone is happy today." She cooed, earning herself a smile from the four month old. Oh how life had changed for the young girl. From carrying a large purse filled with things to not even bothering with a purse. She placed her phone in the usual sling, or in the diaper bag. There was nothing really fashionable about her accessories anymore. Dressing nicer than she normally would, considering she'd practically rid herself of the baby weight. <p>
A sigh escaped her lips as she looked up waiting for the elevator to open. She wanted to go get something to drink at least, getting out of the apartment and away from her mother who had insisted on staying once again. Eun Ji was trying to decide how she should actually let her mother down that she could leave now. Ji Woo no longer a newborn was easier to take care of. <p>
The girl stepped back as the elevator opened, although it signaled it was going up, she was sure it'd go down not long after picking another person up. She didn't want to wait in the hallway anymore. She stepped on walking to the corner setting the back down almost as the door closed her son started to make a fuss. She frowned a bit but reached down into the diaper bag searching for the treasured binky. "Hold on momma is getting it." She replied, kneeling down now to get into the bag. Her ears hearing that the door opened. "Momma has it, its okay." She said after finding the binky, gently giving it to her son, she stood up turning to face the front "Mommas here" and her heart practically stopped. <p>

She knew she could never forget his face, or what she'd done to him. What she was still doing to him. "W-What are you doing here?" She asked, fear shaking in her voice. Did he find out, was he going to come back into her life. Would he try to take Jin Woo away...Would he get hurt being around her, here in Korea. Yes, yes he would. If not her father, she'd just hurt him more.
#JAYDEN SHIN </small></center>
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