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Dec 22 2015, 07:03 PM
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kwon jung bin

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<BR><B>full name:</B> kwon jung bin
<BR><B>other names used:</B> jb, bin
<BR><B>preferred pronouns</b>: he/him
<BR><B>age:</B> twenty
<BR><B>birthplace:</B> Busan, South Korea
<BR><B>hometown:</B> Busan
<BR><B>zodiac sign:</B> capricorn

<BR><BR><B>romantic orientation</b>: panromantic
<BR><B>sexual orientation</b>: pansexual
<BR><B>relationship status</b>: complicated
<BR><B>languages known</b>: korean, english, spanish

<BR><BR><B>high school:</B> busan international foreign high school
<BR><B>college:</B> hongik university
<BR><B>occupation:</B> radio dj & part-time student

<BR><BR><B>blood type:</B> O
<BR><B>allergies:</B> coconut
<BR><B>tattoos:</B> n / a

    showing weakness or becoming emotional, abandonment in this case he tends to be the first to leave before anyone else can do the same, learning the truth behind his adoption, losing his siblings
<BR><B>pet peeves</b>:
    when others tend to dig their noses in his personal life, half-assing something important to him, not having enough quarters to do laundry, his sleep being interrupted despite the fact that he can be a lazy ass, dirty dishes left in the sink, kill joys / mood ruiners, prudes
<BR><BR><B>favorite song:</B>
    Meek Mill Ft. Nicki Minaj & Chris Brown - All Eyes On You
<BR><B>favorite artist / group:</B> ay Park
<BR><B>favorite movie:</B> Avengers
<BR><B>favorite book:</B> ooo
<BR><B>favorite season:</b> winter

</div></div> </div><div class="tab"><input type="radio" id="tab-2" name="tab-group-1"><label for="tab-2">II</label><div class="content"><div class="contitle">THE STORY</div><div class="context">

Can you blame him? Can anyone? Some might ask or at least that’s what Jung Bin hoped for in the back of his mind. <P>

Did he dare speak it aloud, though? Nah, doing something like that showed a weakness the kid refused to make visible. Keeping it just at the fact that he needn’t anyone to go around picking up his broken pieces because he wasn’t lost. He wasn’t that pathetic kid that set in the back, brooding, waiting for everyone around to start feeling sorry for him. No one knew him well enough for any of that shit. Jung Bin never bothered to give anyone the power to. There was no telling how a person might react once they gained the knowledge of every single layer hidden behind his walls. <p>

The last thing Jung Bin ever wanted when growing up had been giving anyone the need to look down upon him, to turn their back – he turned his first this time around he wouldn’t allow someone to walk out on him as though he were nothing but a mere piece of trash. It’d been a blessing! They hooped and hollered celebrating over his adoption. Someone out there in the world wanted him, from that day forward his life would be changed for the best. It still lingered in the back of his mind, regardless of their smiles. In the beginning someone didn’t want him enough to keep him. Could they tell how much a smart ass; carefree little shit he would become once he got older? Wanna know his take on it? They just didn’t fucking care. Simple. The world wasn’t some heartwarming drama in the end, in the end most people were forced to face the cold hard truth of life.<p>

Jung Bin grew up keeping a realistic state of mind, not the type to doodle on what ifs and sit on his ass hoping for a better anything. They type of kid that would have a slip of a tongue every now and again with his step-mother because he didn’t trust the woman as far as he could throw her. Whatever money he got he made sure that he was the one to see it first, like to make a show of pissing her off and knew for a fact that the women had never been particularly happy with his presence. Funnily enough, there wasn’t much she could do when he knew that he’d been the main one brought in by their father. Despite that sense and feeling of being unwanted, Jung Bin pushed towards the path he wanted to go in—eh it’s still got surprise turns and curves but he’s willing to ride the wave of it all. As long as nothing gets in his way.

<P></div></div></div><div class="tab"><input type="radio" id="tab-3" name="tab-group-1"><label for="tab-3">III</label><div class="content"><div class="contitle">THE SHIPS</div><div class="context">

<B>BESTIES</B>: A large variety of acquaintances, colleagues, and party friends. He’s a bit enigmatic that and the fact that there aren’t too many people he’s opened up to completely. I would like him to have a small group of close friends, some that aren’t afraid to call him on his shit when he’s being a right as and others he’s probably been there for a bunch. He might be a dick at times but there are people he cares enough about to put his shit aside so that could help them. Unfortunately, he’s not going to baby anyone unless it’s teasing them. So if they’re prepared for someone that’s blunt, a hard partier and can get a bit wild then this is your guy. A good time is a good time.</i><P>

<B>BITCHES</B>: Expecting quite a few enemies. Jung Bin has an “I don’t really give a fuck” mentality about a lot of things and it takes a little bit to get under his skin but he won’t hesitate to make it a point to get underneath another’s. Many ex-girlfriends from him past, some present actually that caught him slipping up. A rival or two would be lovely, someone that wants to challenge him. People that just plain don’t like him. Someone trying to poke their nose in his business to “understand” him more and are met with a cold reception as well as irritation. Many things--- he isn’t one to fight first he’s just the type that once it happens it’s hard to get him to stop which could be dangerous.</i><P>

<B>BABES</B>: Experienced, hungry, confident in what he wants and who he wants that he doesn’t let anything stop him once he has his eye on someone. There’s only been one girl in his life to ever have a firm hold on this wild unsatisfied hearts (and he has or is bound to slip up fucking that little bit up as well). If you’re looking for fast flings, no strings attached and one night stands he’s your guy. Angry sex from an old lover. Etc. But his end game is hopefully already set in stone. Depends on what’s happening. I’m hoping for a few exes for this idiot.</i>

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