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Mar 15 2016, 11:49 AM
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all things considered, london was always going to be a second home to yi sung. he'd settled into the idea of moving back to busan, but it felt good to feel the cobblestone under his shoes again. the scent of fresh late winter rian and stale ale wafted through the air and, though he'd started to get sick of it by the time he'd flown out to korea, he was almost grateful for it right then. even more so, he was grateful that he was able to experience it with ki hyun. it'd been a miracle in itself that they'd been able to work out a timeline to spend not just a few days, but an entire week in the city. yi sung had been scrambling when trying to put everything together — not only had he wanted enough time to pay out his lease, pack and sell his furniture, but time to show ki hyun around the city. it'd been four days and, though most of the first day and a half had been spent sleeping off their jet lag, yi sung had figured that taking the time to allow ki hyun to be a tourist should've taken precedence to the more complicated stuff. he'd made sure to get the typical stops out of the way first: buckingham palace, the tower of london and bridge, the london museum, big ben, hyde park, westminster abbey, the london eye, hampton court palace, piccadilly circus, trafalgar square, the national gallery. places that he'd been to countless times before, but he wanted this to be special for ki hyun. if he had a say in the matter, they'd come back to the city eventually but you only had your first visit one time around. he'd wanted to leave the more hidden gems for later on during the visit though, and that's exactly what was happening right then. it'd been a late start of a day (they'd done some packing earlier on during the day), but he kicked it off with a visit to camden passage before timing everything for around dusk for the kyoto gardens. nudging ki hyun a bit, he squinted toward a trail of tea lights lining one of the gardens' man made waterfalls. "<b>people get married a lot here.</b>" okay, he wasn't exactly <i>asking</i> anything but there wasn't anything wrong with looking into the future, right?

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Mar 14 2016, 07:48 PM
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his life was far from perfect. yi sung had come to terms with this fact awhile ago but, for the first time his life, he felt like he could honestly say that he was happy. happiness had always been fleeting for him — it'd disappear as quickly as it appear — and, honestly, he couldn't remember a time when away from busan when he hadn't had a thin layer of misery settled over his body. his return had only helped it to become thicker but it'd just as easily been lifted off and he knew that ki hyun was the reason for that. it sounded cheesy to think but he really had saved him. it'd been both exhilierating and terrifying all the same and had made all the angst that they'd gone through as teenagers almost worth it. <i>almost</i>. yi sung chuckled at the thought as the strap of his suitcase shifted across his shoulder. their flight back from london had landed late the previous afternoon. a week in full spent juggling settling what he had to do to move properly, packing and helping ki hyun realize his cute little tourist dreams. it'd been better anything else that he'd done in awhile and he felt at peace with that.<p>

he'd also felt hesitant to leave ki hyun that morning, but he knew that his mom and step-dad were waiting to see him. (it'd been awhile, honestly. he'd been something of a hermit inside of ki hyun's apartment in the two weeks before leaving.) arriving at the door to their apartment, he took a grab for the door knob, ready for it to open willingly, but ..., "<b>what?</b>" with furrowed brows, he continued to shake at the handle before it dawned on him that they were probably out of the afternoon. groaning a bit, he turned on his heel and made his way back toward the elevator. he probably should have called. it wasn't the end of the world though; he could just make his way back over later in the evening. stepping onto the elevator leading from the first floor (where standard apartments were situated), he readied himself to travel toward the second (where ki hyun's deluxe was located). leaning against the metal railing, he watched as the door closed before it halted, obvious that another person had decided to hop on. eyes traveling upward, he hummed a bit.

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Feb 7 2016, 10:07 PM
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it'd only been a week but, honestly, it felt like longer than yi sung. all of his days spent with ki hyun went by too fast <i>and</i> slowly all at once, and he it threw him off that it was even possible to feel that way about being with someone. he figured being in a position where they clung to each other amplified "said" feeling though. they'd spent most of the week that followed the... incident with young jae switching back and forth between hiding away and ki hyun's apartment and going for short visits back at his parents'. yi sung could tell that his parents were baffled about how he'd let an entire plane ticket go to waste but, all the same, he could also tell that they knew the reason why and that potentially lessened their judgement of him ..., maybe. he actually wasn't sure. despite all the hiding away though, yi sung knew that they'd have to go out into the world again soon and, sadly, it wasn't to drive to the airport to fly to london. all it'd really taken was one glimpse into ki hyun's closet and yi sung had known that he wouldn't have been able to make it a day outside in london. so, after a bit of reluctance, he'd suggested that they go swing by a few shops to get some shopping done before their flight (in two days) which brought them to where they were right there. he sniffled a bit through the neck of his turtleneck, which was secured snugly over the bottom half of his face, resting against the tip of his nose. it was making the lenses of his glasses fog up but he honestly didn't want anyone to <i>stare</i> at the bruising on his nose. (yeah, it was still there.) "<b>you're gonna get buried in all of these,</b>" he mused, voice muffled as he scanned a rack of jackets before turning back to look at ki hyun. "<b>we can just share one.</b>"

Jan 25 2016, 12:21 AM
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the easiest part of the last three days had been the moping. yi sung had always done a good job at pitying himself if the situation called for it. he was a terrible person, but he was still a terrible person with feelings. he'd managed to spent the better half of two days curled up in his childhood bed, doing his best to avoid his mom's questions about his "state" when she'd arrived back from her trip. he'd felt like an angsting preteen again and more pathetic than ever. he'd felt even more pathetic as the third day had rolled around and he'd finished up his packing in a monotone. his mom and stepdad had seen him off from the apartment, mom sobbing like she wouldn't see him again for five years, and yi sung had wished that he'd been able to cry for her as well but he'd felt strangely drained by then. drained and tired and he'd avoided the strange stares that he'd gotten as he'd drug himself along to his terminal, and avoided them even more so when he'd turned on his heel and ran away from the stewardesses in a fit of anxiety. he'd arrived at the airport "ready" to go back to london, but the mere sight of the plane had terrified him. it'd terrified him and made him remember how much was really at cost right then. there was <i>so</i> much left for him to lose and it all linked back to ki hyun in one way or another. his mind felt jumbled through his cab ride back to the tower, and even more so as he'd hurried up the elevator and sprinted down the hallway leading to ki hyun's apartment. he wasn't thinking straight. his cheeks were stained red from the cold, hair wild and chest heaving as he rapped his fist against the closed door once. it wasn't without idiotic impulse that he halted on the second knock to just turn the knob on the door and open it up. it wasn't his apartment. it wasn't his place to be doing that and he had no idea what was behind the door and ..., shit. "<b>shit.</b>" he swallowed thick as he spotted young jae no more than ten feet away, obviously up and ready to answer the door. he should've known. he should've expected but that didn't make him turn away. he hadn't missed his flight for nothing.
Jan 18 2016, 11:03 AM
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time was flying back far too quickly. this was something that had dawned on yi sung when he had woken up earlier in the day, along his childhood bed, which was in stark contrast to how he'd woken up tangled in ki hyun. it was a week to the day to when ... tryst had began. he was having a difficult time finding the right word for what was going on between them — when one word felt too "shameful" another felt like it wasn't worthy of ki hyun. what he did know though was, with every time that he was with ki hyun, he felt himself fall a little deeper into him and it was terrifying because ki hyun wasn't his. he couldn't quite seem to push this reality to the back of his head either, even when ki hyun was waiting in his old bedroom for him. he'd made it so another night was free from young jae — (jesus, he should've felt more guilty about all of this) —, and yi sung's parents had decided to take advantage of his final few days in busan to take a quick weekend vacation to seoul, leaving their apartment for him to watch over. a part of him felt like it was almost romantic, bringing ki hyun back to a place that they'd spent so many days and nights together in throughout their preteen and teenage years. (his first home held too many bitter memories, and he was sure ki hyun was aware of that.) he sighed, bumping the door to his room open with his hip as he held two mixed drinks in his hands, eyes trained on the rims to make sure they weren't splashing over. they'd been together four times so far, and he figured this was leading to their fifth. they were making up for lost time, obviously, but he was afraid of how many times they had left. there was so many up against them — (where was his guilt) —, and not just young jae but his scheduled flight time back to london. three more days; a little tidbit he hadn't exactly elaborated on in full to ki hyun yet, but ..., "<b>i'm terrible at mixing drinks.</b>"

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