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May 30 2016, 11:11 AM
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<div class="descyoha">Surgical resident with no life and the two cutest kids in the world </div>

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May 25 2016, 03:17 AM
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<div class="cinfo">FACECLAIM: <span> CHOI SI WON </span></div>
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<div class="cinfo">APT #:<span> ADD ONCE YOU HAVE ONE OR N/A </span></div>
<div class="cinfo">ALIAS: <span> LELANI </span></div>
<div class="cinfo">TIMEZONE: <span> GMT-8 </span></div><div class="cinfo">CONTACT: <span> PM; tumblr: thisiskindofaproblem; skype: sorryconfidential </span></div>

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</DIV></div></div></td><td><Td></Td></td><td><div class="appbkg"><div class="tabs"> <div class="tab"><input type="radio" id="tab-1" name="tab-group-1" checked> <label for="tab-1">I</label><div class="content"><div class="contitle">THE 411</div><div class="context">

<BR><B>full name:</B> Rowan Alistair Park
<BR><B>other names used:</B> None
<BR><B>birthdate:</B> November 5
<BR><B>preferred pronouns</b>: he/him
<BR><B>age:</B> 29
<BR><B>birthplace:</B> Seoul, South Korea
<BR><B>hometown:</B> Arcadia, California
<BR><B>zodiac sign:</B> Scorpio

<BR><BR><B>romantic orientation</b>: heteroromantic
<BR><B>sexual orientation</b>: heterosexual
<BR><B>relationship status</b>: Single
<BR><B>languages known</b>: Korean, English

<BR><BR><B>high school:</B> Arcadia High School (two years), Kyungnam High School (2 years)
<BR><B>college:</B> Busan National University
<BR><B>occupation:</B> Doctor, Resident in General Surgery

<BR><BR><B>blood type:</B>O-negative
<BR><B>allergies:</B> None
<BR><B>tattoos:</B> None

<BR><BR><B>fears</b>: Abandonment, dying and leaving his children behind, making mistakes in surgery
<BR><B>pet peeves</b>: Carelessness, when people smoke around kids, when people complain about things but don't do anything to change the problem

<BR><BR><B>favorite song:</B> The Last Day on Earth by Kate Miller-Heidke
<BR><B>favorite artist / group:</B> Ingrid Michaelson
<BR><B>favorite movie:</B> The Last Five Years
<BR><B>favorite book:</B> The Importance of Being Earnest
<BR><B>favorite season:</b> Winter

</div></div> </div><div class="tab"><input type="radio" id="tab-2" name="tab-group-1"><label for="tab-2">II</label><div class="content"><div class="contitle">THE STORY</div><div class="context">

Corene Porter was an international student at Seoul National University when she met Park Min Kyu. They fell madly in love, embarked on a whirlwind romance, and by the end of her first term she was pregnant. By the time Rowan was born, their relationship had somewhat fizzled out, though they tried to still be friends, and they decided that when Corene returned to the States after graduation, Rowan would go with her. He did, and he grew up not knowing his father very well. Min Kyu would call on occasion and visited when he could, and Rowan spent a couple weeks every year with his father in Korea. <P>
When he was fourteen, he noticed something odd happening during the visits his father made to the States. His father wasn’t, as usual, devoting all his time to Rowan, but was instead spending more and more time with Rowan’s mother. Before he knew it, they had rekindled their romance, but this time it was based less in fiery attraction and more in deep, mutual respect and understanding. They sat Rowan down and said that they thought they could work it out this time and that they hoped he could support them. Rowan could accept that. It was harder to accept the consequences: after their wedding, they decided the whole family would move back to Korea. For Rowan, the idea took some getting used to. He’d had his whole future planned out: graduate the top of his class, go to USC for his undergrad and med school, and eventually become a trauma surgeon at Cedars Sinai or Huntington Memorial. Somehow, moving halfway around the globe didn’t mesh well with those plans. <p>
Transferring was difficult, but he soon assimilated, realizing that he could still fulfill his medical dreams in a different country. He decided to get his military service out of the way first, and enlisted directly after high school. Afterwards, he applied to Busan National University. That was where he met Son Mi Ri, a young music major. He fell for her, hard, and put all of himself that wasn’t invested in his schooling into her. Eventually, she came around. She was his first, and only, serious girlfriend. When he was 22, he proposed, and they were married six months later. Rowan was deep into his medical school by this time, and spent more and more time at the library or the hospital. While he was able to be there for anniversaries, and he was with her the whole time she was in the hospital when their twins were born, he was often absent. But only a year after that, when he was almost 28, she told him that she couldn’t hold herself back from her career for someone who always put his work before her. She’d accepted the opportunity to travel with an orchestra in Austria, and she decided she wanted to put herself first for once. <p>
Rowan was gutted. His was a soft heart, and it had been entirely devoted to her. But he knew he couldn’t spend all his time moping. He had two children, Milo and Mariana, to care for, as well as his residency and fellowship to complete. So he kept his head down and worked through his heartbreak.<p>
He’s a quiet guy, and he’s a little shy. His attention has always been on his studies, and his mind is very focused on the intellectual rather than the social. Rowan has a small bit of a temper, and while usually it lies dormant, a bad day at work or a few days with minimal sleep makes it easier to rouse. When he is set off, his temper burns fast and hot, and is quickly over and forgotten (by him, anyway). Generally, though, he’s easy going. Nothing really gets to him, though he’s very serious about his work and about his children. Beyond his somewhat rough exterior, he’s actually very romantic. He listens to sappy romantic ballads and musicals, and has been known to openly weep during books, movies, and musicals. His heart is easily touched, which is why he protects it, and it’s mainly taken up by his two children. For them, he would do anything, be it playing peek-a-boo for three hours straight or throwing himself in front of a moving vehicle (the first of which he actually has done, the second of which he thankfully hasn’t).
<P></div></div></div><div class="tab"><input type="radio" id="tab-3" name="tab-group-1"><label for="tab-3">III</label><div class="content"><div class="contitle">THE SHIPS</div><div class="context">

<B>BESTIES</B>: He can come across as hostile sometimes because he’s usually so focused and drained by work, and he reserves his remaining energy for his kids, that what’s left for the rest of the world is deadpan and sarcasm. But honestly, he’s just rather shy, and when someone actually gets to know him he’s a lot more soft-hearted than appearances would lead one to believe. Rowan is very sweet, but socially is a bit… stupid? He doesn’t know how to successfully navigate social situations, and often needs his more social friends to assist him. He loves people but is much more intellectually than socially minded and it’s not in his nature to go out of his way to talk to people he doesn’t know. So people either have to approach him, or he has to end up in a situation where meeting is natural. <p>
He’s very caring and loyal to those who can break through his somewhat closed down exterior, and he’s a great guy to just sit and share silence with. He’s not always a talker, though he’s always willing to listen, but when he’s comfortable with someone and they set him off on a subject he’s passionate about he can talk for hours if someone doesn’t stop him. He’s very easy to tease, and sometimes it goes way over his head, and while he gets frustrated he won’t hold it against the person, and he likes that he can make them happy. He values life, and it breaks his heart when he sees people who he thinks are throwing away theirs, so he’d definitely try to be there for them/try to guide them. One thing that’ll guarantee his friendship is if you like his kids and if, in return, his kids like you. This gentle giant needs friends: people from school, people from work, and maybe people who can convince him to leave behind work for a night and leave the kids with a sitter for the night and live a little. Honestly, the boy is very sheltered. <P>

<B>BITCHES</B>: Rowan isn’t necessarily abrasive or anything, but I can see him getting on the wrong side of people. He has his moments of temper, and he’ll dislike people who he sees as inconsiderate or who - emotionally or physically - hurt others. He’s blunt and sarcastic when he’s distracted or irritated, and he can come off as a bit dickish if you don’t really know him. This can probably get him on someone’s wrong side. Also, because he’s a bit socially inept, he’s very easy to mess with, which while entertaining for his friends can also be a convenience for those who don’t like him. <P>

<B>BABES</B>: I’m afraid Rowan never had much time for relationships. He was always focused on school, and the only girl who he ever shared that attention with was Mi Ri. And now he has two kids, and doesn’t know if there’s a girl out there who’d want to assume the responsibilities of being mother to another woman’s children while also accepting that he spends most of his life working. He is a romantic soul, though his heart is still healing from his now ex-wife’s departure. He often feels flickers of interest for women, but doesn’t do much to pursue them. If someone wanted to try to make their way into his heart, however…

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