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May 27 2016, 04:22 PM
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May 27 2016, 02:57 PM
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The pretty reflection in the silver-framed mirror stared back at DaHye with shimmering eyes and a polite smile. It had been over two years since she had arrived in Busan, and she was pleased to see that the woman in the mirror hadn't changed much since then. DaHye hair was still styled in light waves that cascaded past her shoulders, and her makeup was kept fair and natural. So much had been rearranged and broken before her move to Busan, so it was soothing to see that some things remained constant. <p>

Just half an hour ago, DaHye had received a call from her next door neighbor, who invited her to join him for dinner. It was seemed rather out of the blue, and while the two of them would always smile and greet each other when they passed by in the hallways, they hadn't interacted much otherwise. There had been a few conversations in the elevator, during which DaHye learned that his name was Rowan, he was close to obtaining his surgeon's license, and he had two beautiful children. Of course, she had learned a bit more through casual gossip and chat, just as she presumed he had about her. <p>

A tray of fruit tartlets lied on the counter by the stove. Each one was decorated neatly with strawberries and blueberries in floral patterns over white swirled cream. DaHye was not as talented as the lovely patisserie who lived a few floors down, but the tartlets still looked pretty and were flawless in appearance. She only hoped that Rowan's children would love them. The desserts were a show of gratitude for inviting her to dinner, and it was her pleasure creating them. <p>

Once DaHye left her loft and locked the door behind her, it only a few steps until she was at the next door apartment. Balancing the tray of fruit tartlets in one hand, she lifted her free hand and knocked on the door politely. She plastered a beaming smile on her face to make sure that Rowan would see how thrilled she was to not be dining alone tonight finally. The tray was presented with both hands in front of her as she waited for the door to open. <p>

</div></div></div><div style="font-size: 9px; text-align: center;"><a href="">▼</a> | ROWAN PARK | Outfit</div>
May 21 2016, 05:32 PM
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Grace DaHye Song

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Bestowed upon myself a crown of beauty instead of ashes. ❤❤

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May 19 2016, 09:38 PM
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<div class="fictions"> Hey Taeby, just checking on you to make sure you got home okay tonight. You sounded pretty out of it when you called me an hour ago, so I was worried. </div>

May 19 2016, 02:55 AM
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<div class="cinfo">FACECLAIM: <span> Park Chorong </span></div>
<div class="cinfo">MEMBERGROUP: <span> Loft </span></div>
<div class="cinfo">APT #:<span> 1012 </span></div>
<div class="cinfo">ALIAS: <span> Kay </span></div>
<div class="cinfo">TIMEZONE: <span> EST/GMT -5 </span></div><div class="cinfo">CONTACT: <span> AIM (ask me)/PM </span></div>

</div></div></div></div></div></center><div style="padding:5px;"></div><div class="charanamebkg"><div class="charaname">

Grace DaHye Song

</DIV></div></div></td><td><Td></Td></td><td><div class="appbkg"><div class="tabs"> <div class="tab"><input type="radio" id="tab-1" name="tab-group-1" checked> <label for="tab-1">I</label><div class="content"><div class="contitle">THE 411</div><div class="context">

<BR><B>full name:</B> grace dahye song
<BR><B>other names used:</B> princess, darling
<BR><B>birthdate:</B> january 2nd
<BR><B>preferred pronouns:</b> she/her
<BR><B>age:</B> twenty four
<BR><B>birthplace:</B> quebec city, quebec, canada
<BR><B>hometown:</B> seoul, south korea
<BR><B>zodiac sign:</B> libra

<BR><BR><B>romantic orientation</b>: heteroromantic
<BR><B>sexual orientation</b>: heterosexual
<BR><B>relationship status</b>: formerly engaged; single
<BR><B>languages known</b>: korean (native fluency); english (bilingual fluency); japanese (professional proficiency)

<BR><BR><B>high school:</B> seoul international school
<BR><B>college:</B> new york university, new york (undergraduate school); pusan national university's school of law (law school)
<BR><B>occupation:</B> heiress & law student

<BR><BR><B>blood type:</B> a positive
<BR><B>allergies:</B> n/a
<BR><B>tattoos:</B> n/a

<BR><BR><B>fears</b>: being thirty and single, public wardrobe malfunctions, spiders, her cosmetic surgery procedures being discovered
<BR><B>pet peeves</b>: disorganization, off-pitch

<BR><BR><B>favorite song:</B> 'tell me' by wonder girls and 'mr. chu' by apink
<BR><B>favorite artist / group:</B> wonder girls, apink, and katy perry
<BR><B>favorite movie:</B> twenty
<BR><B>favorite book:</B> 'the help' by kathryn stockett
<BR><B>favorite season:</b> winter

</div></div> </div><div class="tab"><input type="radio" id="tab-2" name="tab-group-1"><label for="tab-2">II</label><div class="content"><div class="contitle">THE STORY</div><div class="context">

The classical fairytale of a radiant beauty and her Prince Charming became the reality for Nam Eun Hye, whose gorgeous appearance and charisma had captivated the heart and the eyes of rising real estate mogul, Song Young Seok. On their wedding day, Eun Hye was the twenty-two-year-old heiress to her parents' cosmetics company and the primary face of its campaigns, and she had worn a bridal gown that was designed by Vera Wang herself. Young Seok was the thirty-year-old self-made billionaire and the second wealthiest man in Korea, and he had paid all $80 million worth of the wedding ceremony, although his bride's parents compensated with piles of gifts and heirlooms. <p>

Two and a half years later, Eun Hye gave birth to her beloved daughter, whose beauty rivaled her own. The proud parents named her Da Hye, meaning 'grace,' and cherished the precious princess with all of their love. Eun Hye dressed her up in all of the prettiest outfits and developed her daughter's perfect style. Da Hye learned how to properly apply blush to her cheeks and gloss to her lips before she'd finished her multiplication tables. She and her father had been born in Quebec City, Quebec, and even though their daughter had only lived there for two and a half years, their Canadian citizenship had granted her enrollment rights to the international schools. All of Da Hye's pre-university educational years took place at Seoul International School, where she learned English and became bilingual quickly. She rose as one of the most prized students in the school, excelling in the liberal arts and even showing potential in the musical arts. Her silky vocals were treasured by the theatre and choral departments, who each desired to add her pretty face and voice to their collection of spectacular performers. <p>

During elementary school, Da Hye met two of her best friends. Ahn Bomi was a gorgeous girl whose mother was of Korean heritage but born in Luxembourg, as was Bomi herself. She spoke fluent French, Korean, Luxembourgish, and English by the time she had moved to Seoul at the age of eight, and she aspired to become a jewelry designer, like her mother. Justin Bae was a Florida-born Korean boy who danced circles around anybody who challenged him to a freestyle bust-a-move contest. His parents were executive board members of an internationally acclaimed entertainment company, and his fabulously wealthy parents sipped champagne and rubbed shoulders with Da Hye's routinely. Like Bomi, Justin already spoke fluent English by the time he had arrived in Seoul, and he would help Da Hye with her English while she helped him with his Korean. The three best friends were all in the same grade, and watched each other grow in many ways that they wouldn't have ever imagined. <p>

When Da Hye was twelve, her parents arranged the sophisticated proposal to betroth their princess to Justin, the son of the other second-wealthiest man who, with his wife, was eager to join forces with Eun Hye and Young Seok to outsource Korea's richest man. Justin and Da Hye were both surprisingly fine with the idea of marrying each other once they were of proper age, which would have been twenty-two after they graduated from university. When they were seventeen, Justin and his mother went to the jewelry boutique to select the perfect engagement ring for Da Hye. <p>

Then, that evening, he led his bride-to-be to the Luxembourg Garden of Paris, France; Da Hye was dressed in her finest purple silks and sapphires, her hair styled and her makeup applied precisely and prettily. The skirt of her dress billowed by the spring breeze, and it was the most beautiful she had ever appeared. Justin looked charming in his white collared and buttoned shirt, khaki slacks, and sky blue necktie. He kneeled before Da Hye, recited his romantic promises, and then revealed the stunning diamond engagement ring to her with a flourish. She responded with the most beautiful word in the English language, and Nam Eun Hye's fairytale entered its sequel through her daughter. <p>

After their high school graduation, the three best friends parted ways but promised to remain in touch regularly. Bomi, in pursuit of her dream to become a jewelry designer, entered an arts program in London. There, she would enroll in her postsecondary education as well as participate in a private apprenticeship. Da Hye would be flying to California to enroll in Pepperdine University's Literature and Pre-Law programs, and Justin would be off to New York University to maintain his passion for dance. However, prior to leaving for California, Da Hye, by her mother's recommendation, underwent cosmetic surgery and a rhinoplasty that slimmed the width of her nasal bridge. Eun Hye told her how much prettier she had become, despite Da Hye believing she had already been beautiful before the procedure. <p>

After two years at Pepperdine University, Da Hye, once again, received a rhinoplasty procedure, this time to obtain the coveted ski-slope nose that had become so popular among contemporary Korean idol beauties. Also after the two-year period, she transferred to New York University to be reunited with Justin. However, on their second date in New York, Da Hye sensed that she was no longer seeing the passionate and youthful boy with whom she had fallen in love. This man was different, and he confessed that he'd become deeply in love with another woman, somebody who showed Justin how it felt to truly love a lady without his parents mandating whom to marry and with whom to be seen publicly. After shedding heartbroken tears for months, Da Hye had forgiven Justin, but she could not trust him again. After graduation, she returned to Seoul, leaving Justin behind to marry his new fiancée, whose wedding invitation Da Hye had politely refused. <p>

For four years, Da Hye has been living in her loft at Haeundae Tower, and for the first two years, Bomi lived with her. The two girls had been the best of friends for nearly twenty years and they continued to be presently. However, Bomi's jewelry design projects became an international success overnight and her constant travels compelled her to formally withdraw from the residence. Now, Da Hye lives alone and attends law school at Pusan National University. Upon refusing her parents fiscal assistance as show of independence, Da Hye does not live in a penthouse as her mother desired but in a loft. In an effort to prove to her parents that she does not need their money or their prestige in order to be successful, she has been setting out to create a fairytale of her own. <p>

<P></div></div></div><div class="tab"><input type="radio" id="tab-3" name="tab-group-1"><label for="tab-3">III</label><div class="content"><div class="contitle">THE SHIPS</div><div class="context">

<B>BESTIES</B>: Two types of company comprise Da Hye's circle of best friends. The first one is composed of polite and elegant socialites as well as artists. They are the daughters of her mother's friends, and they are photographed together while attending musicals and shopping at affluent department stores. They dress up in silk and satin dresses, and their pastels are prominent sights. <P>

The second type is composed of the typical men and women to be found anywhere in Korea but so happened to have relocated to Busan. These are the people whom Da Hye met and befriended on her own, and they may not all be graceful and sophisticated, but they are all passionate about their talents and prospects. And passion is, according to Da Hye, one of the most valuable virtues in the world. <P>

<B>BITCHES</B>: The people who have managed to be viewed by Da Hye in a negative light are the ones who have proven to be two-faced or unfaithful. The only reason why she forgave Justin for finding new love when he was engaged to her was they had been best friends for nearly twenty years, so any fake individuals would better dream of deceiving Da Hye than believing they ever truly could, as her faux-amity radar is flawless. <P>

Also, if anybody wants to become close to Da Hye, they should remember not to patronize her efforts to independently become successful. <P>

<B>BABES</B>: After Justin, Da Hye realized that her Prince Charming does not have to be a fabulously wealthy man who dances magnificently and twirls her around the gardens of Paris, France. However, she would love it if her lover brought bouquets of flowers for her and was the spontaneous yet romantic type. If he knows how to make every date as memorable as the first, then she is definitely going to keep him around. And Da Hye believes that a man who treats her well deserves to be loved just as well by her, and she will devote her heart to him. <P>

Also, a man who is passionate about what he does appeals to Da Hye's affections considerably. If he has a direction and a plan, she knows that he means business, and it's a great relief to know that he won't be lazily and aimlessly wandering around. <P>

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