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Mar 28 2016, 12:15 PM
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There were somethings that remained blissfully the same most an where you happened to be in the world. And Starbucks was one of them. A fact that Yuki was all to happy about. Her brief time in Nairobi had been wonderful, except for that distinct lack of the white and green awning. Sure, she had been living in a country that was renowned for brilliant coffee, and she had made due with by finding a local chain, but really, it wasn't the same. One of the first things she did upon arriving back in Tokyo, before she went home to her husband, before she called her parents back in Belgium, was getting herself a venti caramel macchiatto, extra whip cream. It had been glorious. One of the perks of being sent to Korea for her first posting, other than the fact that she already spoke the language, had been that it was one of the millions of places that had Starbucks, which she would gladly take over pretty much any other chain. Really, it could be said that her love affair with Starbucks was far more long lasting and meaningful than any other relationship in her life. Starbucks never disappointment, Starbucks never got old, Starbucks never wanted anything more from her than a few bucks and gold membership card. <br><br>

It was a fairly beautiful Sunday morning in Busan, and after her initial trepidation about being sent to the coastal city, rather than the capital, Yuki found herself warming up to her new surroundings. She was particularly happy with the shopping and the nightlife, both of which were perfect ways to let out some steam after spending eight plus hours a day stamping visa applications. Given the fact that the sun was high up in the sky and that the day had only just really begun, it seemed that the nightlife portion of her stress relief would not really be coming into play for hours. So it left the second, no less enjoyable, shopping as her preferred method of escape. It was a an added bonus then that her apartment happened to be nestled on top of a mall, though she definitely preferred shopping in smaller, boutique stores. Still, it was a way to spend the day without having to come up with an actual plan, and was preferable to sitting in her apartment being suffocated by the walls. She was still new in her career, but she had already learned, if she didn't want to succumb to loneliness and boredom, she would be the one who had to make the effort. <br><br>

She often thought about her father, how he had managed to create a life for himself while he was being bounced around, from one new place to the next. And he wasn't even particularly charming, or even really all that personable in her opinion. If he was able to survive it, then it shouldn't be a problem for her. You simply found what worked for you and went with it. For Yuki, that was a handful of friends she would likely ditch without thought in four years when it was time to move on to the next country, and an ever growing closet of clothing. She would simply choose not to mention the nights out and drinking, something that would probably be frowned upon by her bosses. After all, while here, she was a physical representation of the Japanese government and her actions would be directly- blah blah blah. She knew the spiel off by heart and figured as long as she managed to keep things quiet (a skill she had honed since high school) then she would be fine. <br><br>

It was perhaps her love of an epic night out that made coffee such an important step before she could be expected to go out and be a real human. Yuki hadn't made it back home until well past 4 in the morning. It had been a night of drinking, of dancing until her legs felt that they were going to give out, of eating questionable food from a street vendor with a group of complete strangers. A good time. And despite the late hour she made it home at, she still couldn't stop her natural tendency to wake up early. Looking at her, impeccably dressed, not a hair out of place, eyes bright and clear, you would never think this was the same woman who barely managed to crawl into her bed, let alone take her clothes off, the night before. But an extra large shot of caffeine was what would be needed to keep that veneer. Her heels clipped sharply on the tile floor as she entered the Starbucks. Her attention was focused on her phone, and replying to the text from her mother, asking when she would be coming to visit next. She waited in line, another fact that was unchanged no matter where in the world you were- a Starbucks always had a line- her finger rapidly punching out a response. She didn't look up immediately when it was her turn. Still focused on her phone, she just blurted out her order. “Venti Caffe Americana, extra shot of espresso, room for milk, thanks.” she said dismissively. Her text completed, she quickly brought up the app on her phone to pay for her drink. She looked up as she held her phone out to be scanned, her eyes actually settling on the man in front of her. <br><br>

There was a moment where she couldn't quite put together what she was seeing. It was a face that she had long since assumed she was never going to see again. And if she were to ever see him again, serving her in a Starbucks in Busan was not the place she would have envisioned. But there was no denying it was him, aside from a few new visible tattoos, it was undeniably- “.... In Tae?

Mar 27 2016, 12:31 PM
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<BR><B>full name:</B> oshira yukiko
<BR><B>other names used:</B> yuki, elisa
<BR><B>birthdate:</B>  july 9th
<BR><B>preferred pronouns</b>: she/her
<BR><B>age:</B> 25
<BR><B>birthplace:</B> brussels, belgium
<BR><B>hometown:</B> brussels, belgium and tokyo, japan
<BR><B>zodiac sign:</B> cancer

<BR><BR><B>romantic orientation</b>: heteromantic
<BR><B>sexual orientation</b>: heterosexual
<BR><B>relationship status</b>: single
<BR><B>languages known</b>: native french, japansese fluent english, korean conversationalmandarin

<BR><BR><B>high school:</B> brussels international school, hibiya high school
<BR><B>college:</B> university of tokyo
<BR><B>occupation:</B> diplomat with the japanese foreign service

<BR><BR><B>blood type:</B> a negative
<BR><B>allergies:</B> n/a
<BR><B>tattoos:</B> n/a

<BR><BR><B>fears</b>: heights, open bodies of water, monotony
<BR><B>pet peeves</b>: not getting what she wants, slow walkers, boredom

<BR><BR><B>favorite song:</B> peacefrog- the doors
<BR><B>favorite artist / group:</B> the doors
<BR><B>favorite movie:</B> les intouchables
<BR><B>favorite book:</B> the outsider
<BR><B>favorite season:</b> winter

</div></div> </div><div class="tab"><input type="radio" id="tab-2" name="tab-group-1"><label for="tab-2">II</label><div class="content"><div class="contitle">THE STORY</div><div class="context">

Boredom. That was the common denominator through out most all of Oshira Yukiko’s life.  She was born into a life of privilege and luxury, a swanky affair that left little to be desired.  The world was her oyster and she had her hands firmly grasped around her silver spoon. Everything she ever wanted was provided, almost before she even knew she wanted it. While it made for a pampered life, it left a certain void. It was all just too easy, to simple, and had little in the way of excitement. Boring. <br><br>

She was the first and only child of Oshira Junichi, a Japanese diplomat working in Belgium and Manon Lemmens, the daughter of a prominent Belgian politician. The two met while Junichi was first posted to the Japanese embassy in Belgium early on in his career with the foreign service. Their courtship spanned years, on and off again as Junichi was sent back and forth between Brussels and Tokyo, their relationship often breaking off for months, occasionally years at a time, but always picking back up where they left off the moment he was back on Belgian soil again. When after almost a decade of this pattern, Manon announced she was pregnant, everyone assumed a wedding would follow shortly there after. It never did. Even when, shortly after the birth of their daughter, Junichi, thanks both to his strong ties in Tokyo and the connections he gained through Manons family, was named the Japanese ambassador to Belgium when his predecessor chose to retire out of the public sector. Though the couple never chose to marry, the promotion meant Junichi spent most of his time in Brussels and they shared a more conventional relationship, rather than the continued on again off again that had been the norm for close to a decade. <br><br>

Yukiko, often referred to as Elisa when in Belgium , spent her childhood divided between two homelands. Primarily she lived in Belgium with her parents, though both thought it important that she be comfortable in Japan as well, as there was the chance that they would end up back in Tokyo, although it was slim. She learned both French and Japanese hand in hand. It wasn’t uncommon for the little girl to have conversations that muddled both languages together haphazardly when she was first learning to speak. She spent at least 4 months a year in Tokyo, whether it was with one or both of her parents, or her paternal grandparents, everyone agreed that it was better if the young girl shared an equal connection with both her homes, given that she very well could end up in either of them, depending on her fathers position and how it changed over the years. <br><br>

Doted on by her parents and grandparents, regardless of what continent she found herself on, Yuki was used to receiving the best of everything. She was spoilt beyond what would be considered reasonable, and it showed in her rather demanding nature. Yuki simply got what she wanted, there was no other way around it. You either gave in or suffered the consequences. She was a charming child, when she wasn’t in the throws of a temper tantrum. She was naturally the center of attention, she had a commanding personality, an exotic beauty and the ability to draw people in, even at a quite young age. To say that Yuki had the world wrapped around her tiny, toddler sized fingers would be a fairly accurate description. <br><br>

Growing up as the child of an ambassador lent itself to certain perks and privileges. Yuki was given the very best education money could buy, and most of her peers were not simply other wealthy Belgians and Europeans, she was raised along side the children of other diplomats and dignitaries. Because of this, Yuki had a very wide view of the world. By the time she entered school, Yuki was already displaying a high level of intelligence, a fact that often lead her to act out in class. She was bored, even with one of the best educations and and IB program from elementary on, she wasn’t fully being challenged. She often failed class work miserably, but tested extremely well, it lead her to be fairly middle of the road throughout most of her school years. She was a handful in class, disruptive and every bit as demanding with her friends and teachers as she was at home. It probably didn’t help anything that her temper tantrums and general bratty behavior got her the results that she wanted. All it served to do was feed into her belief that nothing  was really off limits for her. <br><br>

By the time she reached high school she was acting out, again it seemed to stem from her boredom.  Getting everything you wanted was all well and good, but it didn't do anything to keep her entertained, life in general held no challenge.  she got around that in a fairly destructive way.  She often ditched school, drank, experimented with drugs.  She started stealing, little things really, all things she could easily afford, but chose to just take instead.  There was not much fall out from the actions, because of her father's status as a diplomat, she was caught on many occasions but never received any sort of official record or reprimand.  Really aside from being a bit of an embarrassment for her family, there were no lasting ill effects.  Both parents tried to enact some sort of rules and or punishment, but it was too little, too late.  Yuki had spent most of her life with no boundaries or expectations, and she was not going to submit to them in her teens just because her parents suddenly tried to grow a backbone.  She also grew into quite a manipulative young woman.  There was a simple enjoyment she got from bending people to her will.  And those that didn't necessarily bend to the harsh demands often fell victim to the more subtle ways.  She didn't do it because she bore anyone any ill will, she did it mostly because she could, and it made things more interesting. She never intentionally hurt people, but it was often the inevitable fallout when she toyed with emotions.<br><br>

Before she started her final year in high school, a decision was made.  She would finish school in Japan under the supervision of her grandparents.  It was part out of desperation.  Neither parents was overly involved in their daughters life, and frankly had no idea how to curb her behavior.  The other part was a scare tactic.  In Japan she was just like any other teenager, and her father's position as ambassador would not keep her out of trouble.  They hoped that would be enough of a deterrent.  The plan worked, in a sense. Yuki just became better at hiding things. Nothing in particular was really solved, she was still acting out in similar ways, her ability to be deceptive about it was just a million times improved.    There were a few minor incidents where she was caught for small things, in a club with a fake ID, smoking a joint in a public park and being found with a small amount of weed on her, a couple of public intoxication incidents, nothing compared to the havoc she wreaked in Brussels.  She had been able to charm her way out of any real trouble, and even those little mishaps just served to keep things interesting.<br><br>

She graduated high school with little fan fare.  She was middle of the road in her marks, a wonder in and of itself considering how often she didn't attend class, but again, her high intellect helped her, and she aced her university entrance exams. Yuki did not intend to go into university, despite the high score she received on the entrance exams. She had big plans of doing- well, pretty much exactly what she had always done.  It wasn't going to fly this time though.  The backbone that had long since been absent from her parents finally got itself sorted, and Yuki's parents made a stand.  Her behavior, while terrible, was able to be overlooked in a high school student, after all, who didn't have a bit of rebelling in their youth?  However, she was, in their eyes, no longer a child.  And as such, they were not going to treat her as one. They threatened with the one thing that was bound to get her attention.  either she straightened up and attended college, or she would be cut off entirely. <br><br>

It worked like a charm, she was cowed into a sense of submission, at least on the surface.  Though rather than return to Belgium, which her parents made it clear they preferred, she opted to stay in Japan, a small act of rebellion.  She began university at Tokyo, studying Foreign Affairs. It wasn’t a big leap to make, there is a reason so many people who become a members of the international community are born into it. Her unique social grouping growing up gave her an insight that few people can learn. She had grown up alongside the children of diplomats from all over the world, she was accustomed to spending time in different embassies and consulates. She had become fluent in not only her native Japanese and French, but English and Korean, and could carry a decent conversation in Mandarin. She did well in school, and as far as her parents were concerned, the problems of her high school days were done and gone. <br><br>

It was around this time Mayoko came to life. Yuki was surprised to find that she actually enjoyed her studies, but she was still easily bored. She wasn’t keen on disrupting the balance she achieved with her parents, or rather, didn’t want to disrupt the steady flow of funds in her trust. But she also wasn’t exactly fond of the ‘good girl’ image that she was adopting. She couldn’t quite give up the party girl that had been such a part of her life. It kept her on her toes and made kept the monotony at bay. It started as a bit of a joke, when out with friends, she started calling herself Mayoko. Not the daughter of a foreign dignitary, no, she was a struggling model, or an artist, or a waitress who dreamed of making out of her small studio apartment, there were half a dozen different stories, different lives, she just pulled them out at random, when she met people at a bar. The lies flowed easily, they always had, and it didn’t take much to convince a stranger of a totally fabricated history. It wasn’t long before ‘Mayoko’ was a standard thing. She was Yuki most of the time, the reformed daughter, the girl who was a star at university, the one with a bright future. And when she wanted to have fun, to be reckless and stupid, she was Mayoko. It was a compartmentalization that worked well for her. <br><br>

Yuki had met Fujioka Madoka at university. A third year medical student, they met at a cafe on campus. He fell quickly for her charms. Yuki was the kind of young woman than seemed too perfect to be true. She was from a good family, she was smart, quick witted, beautiful and had a promising future in front of her. And Madoka was exactly the kind of man her family would approve of. They began seeing each other and it wasn’t long before he was hooked completely. Her history in the romance department was plagued with heartbreak, though thankfully never for her. Yuki had a tendency to be callous with peoples affections. It wasn’t uncommon for her to have two, three, sometimes four men who would all swear that she was their girlfriend. There was a kind of immense satisfaction she got when someone, so wrapped up around her fingers, admitted that they loved her. It wasn’t done out of malice, but simply because she could, and it amused her, and that she really didn’t put much thought into other people’s feelings. She had a rather staggering collection of things she had managed to get out of young men- it was as though she had dropped the thievery prevalent in her youth with a new sort. <br><br>

Things were different with Madoka. Yuki did care for him in her way. He was kind and handsome, where she still harboured a rebellious side, he was steady. Where her temper was known to flare brightly and hot, he was calm. He balanced her well, a stellar match on paper, really, the perfect man to compliment her and someone who would fit well with the daughter her parents wanted her to be. But there was something missing. He bored her. She found a great solution while out one night at a club in the form of a young man named In Tae. <br><br>

He was everything Madoka was not. He was thrilling, and exciting, he was a perfect foil for the picture perfect man she would take home to meet her parents. He knew her as Mayoko of course, a girl with aspirations of becoming an actress who worked two retail jobs to make ends meet. It started as it always did, she was simply using the young man for her own gains. Madoka was tolerable when she knew that she could look forward to spending time with In Tae. It was a lie she had no problem living, she was quite adept at leading a double life by that point. Things became more complicated when she started having a harder time deciphering what was all part of the game, and what were real emotions, lines she made in her head became blurred, and despite the fact that he was supposed to be a convenient distraction, the young woman found she was more and more invested in In Tae as a person, rather than just a means to an end. Yuki would be the first to admit she was effed up, but she found she did care for In Tae as well, in her own, messed up way. She was perfectly happy, she had a good balance between the two men, and was fairly content to keep things going how they were, not really considering the fall out should the two worlds ever really collide. <br><br>

Madoka eventually proposed. Yuki said yes, she was young, but she knew that for a part of her, he was the right man. And she still had her perfect little distraction. She seemed happy enough at the time, but the thought of marriage did weigh heavily on her mind.  There seemed to be such finality in it, and as the months passed, Yuki found herself more and more stressed about the idea.  It seemed less and less likely that she would be able to maintain more than one relationship when she would be expected to live with Madoka . Have children, be a family.  And the thought of settling into that kind of life threw her into a panic.  She started sending more time with In Tae, but even he was losing some of his luster. She could feel the same hooks being planted in that relationship as well.  So she did what any reasonable person would do.  She branched out and changed her options.  It was at that point that Madoka became suspicious.  Yuki started going out on her own, finding new distractions, new men she could sink her teeth into.  It helped, for a time, but it couldn't shake her attachment to either In Tae or Madoka. <br><br>

It came crashing to an end when Madoka found out about everything.  She had gotten so good at covering her tracks over the years, it never occurred to her she could be caught.  She also never thought that rather than confronting her, Madoka would go to In Tae instead.  She was rather floored when she come home from class and Madoka informed her that it was all over.  He knew about the infidelity. he knew about In Tae and Mayoko.  And he had made sure In Tae knew all about Yuki.  Surprisingly, Madoka didn't want to call off the engagement.  For all her faults and indiscretions, he still loved her, he was still firmly wrapped around her fingers.  He just wanted her to swear it was over, that she wouldn't stray again, and everything would be forgiven. It would be their secret.  <br><br>

What Yuki knows, and no one else, is that when given that option, she chose In Tae.  He had his faults, but at least she was never bored with him.  And while it was questionable that she even really knew what love was, she was fairly convinced that she did in fact love him.  By the time she came to that realization, it was too late.  He was gone, and her attempts to reach him were completely unsuccessful. It was probably the first time she ever felt any kind of heartbreak, though she was at least not so delusional to think that she didn’t deserve it. <br><br>

She did go back to Madoka , and chose to stay with him.  She kept her promise to him for a time, but eventually she began to wander again.  There was no excitement there, nothing to stave off the drudgery.  She had learned her lesson however, and while she still enjoyed making men fall for her and cater to her whims, she kept them all at a distance, there was never another In Tae scenario.
She eventually did marry Madoka.  Their married life was mostly a sham.  By that point, he was well aware that she was hardly being faithful, and she was had reached a point where she was almost resentful that he let her get away with it.  It was more evidence of how boring their life had become.  She had him so completely ensnared that she probably could have paraded her affairs directly in front if his face and he would still take her back.  It was tedious.<br><br>

Where she wasn't bored was in her career.  In between the dramas of her love life, she had managed to graduate university. Having followed her father's footsteps, she was able to utilize his connections and secure a job with international affairs.  It was a long process that involved an intense vetting and training time, but she was eventually made it through the screening process and had that special red passport that labeled her as diplomat. It meant a life that was constantly changing, a new posting every few years, working for embassies across the globe. It would be exactly the kind of life a girl like her needed to keep distracted. All said and done it took about a years training and doing grunt work at the office in Tokyo before she was sent on her first posting. Most would usually last between 3-4 years, but her first, a training of sorts, was only to last 6 months. She was sent to Nairobi, Kenya and for half a year and spent her days processing immigration claims, and her nights exploring a completely new environment. She knew she had made the perfect career choice. The only problem in her life was Madoka. <br><br>

They hadn’t really discussed what would happen when she began having to travel for work. Yuki knew that really, all she needed to do was ask and he wold drop everything and follow her. But she didn’t want that, she didn’t want to be saddled with a tag a long for the rest of her life. She filed for divorce, despite his pleas. By the time she was 25 and about to be sent on her first official posting she was single, excited, and feeling far less burdened.<br><br>
It came as a bit of a disappointment she she found out her first international posting wasn’t going to be somewhere exotic, but right next door. She had been posted to South Korea, and not even the full Embassy in Seoul, but the smaller Consulate office in Busa, primarily dealing with visa claims. Still, it was a start, and as close as it was, she had never actually been to Korea before.

<P></div></div></div><div class="tab"><input type="radio" id="tab-3" name="tab-group-1"><label for="tab-3">III</label><div class="content"><div class="contitle">THE SHIPS</div><div class="context">

<B>BESTIES</B>: Yuki usually manages to have a large circle of friends surrounding her. Thought the number that is actually close to her is rather small. She has calmed down a lot compared to her misspent youth, but she still won’t say no to a night out and some reckless behavior, though she needs to keep it in reason, her new job won’t stand for too much crazy. She is the kind of person who naturally finds herself the center of attention. She is commanding, charming, and tends to be compared to a force of nature. It makes her difficult, but fun to be around. She tends to think mostly of herself, which is probably why she doesn’t have many close friends, and given the nature of her job, she honestly doesn’t see the point of making too many deep friendships, given that she will be sent somewhere else in 4 years. Still, I think it would be good for her to have at least one or two close friends in Busan, ones who can see all the ugly bits of her and still want to keep her around (and despite what the haters section is going to say, she really isn’t a completely terrible person). Deep down, she is pretty cuddly. She is very loyal to those she truly forms tight bonds with and will probably move mountains to make sure they are happy, those people are just super few and far between. She is open to all sorts of buddies, so love her to bits

<B>BITCHES</B>:  Yuki is a bitch. Simple. She’s not a bad person per say, but she is not exactly mother Theresa either. She would be the first to admit that she is spoilt, she is demanding, she has a quick temper and is prone to fits. She is selfish, she will take what she wants regardless of how it effects others and will plow down anyone who gets in her way. She is manipulative, she lies, she has no qualms about using other people. Basically she’s just a peach. There are so many reasons for people to hate on her- but she is also pretty good at fooling people so that they don’t see those traits, or at least don’t think they are as bad as they are. She doesn’t really dislike many people, it’s more that she doesn’t care about them. She is the person who probably has a million people who swear that she is their nemesis, but if you asked her, she would be completely indifferent and unable to point them out in a crowd.

<B>BABES</B>:  Sigh... So what you need to understand about Yuki, is that she really isn’t a bad person, I swear (I’m saying this a lot, huh?) Her love life is a mess. She gets a thrill from screwing and toying with men’s emotions, simply because she can and it amuses her. From her teen years to present day, her history is littered with broken hearts. She doesn’t really mean to hurt people, but clearly that’s whats going to happen. Really, I think she only says she doesn't mean too in order to justify what she does. She has had flings and one night stands, she has had full blown relationships with multiple people at the same time, she has twisted and stomped on so many hearts she has lost track. There have really only been two relationships that actually accounted for any real emotions in her life (coincidentally they both happened at the same time) The first is her now ex husband and the second In Tae - though those are both well and truly finished now. (though I think upon reconnecting with a certain someone, she will probably try to make things happen again) I am open for all kinds of plots with her, casual, heartbreak, letting her toy with some fragile hearts, hell, maybe there is even potential for someone to actually get her to settle down for real Who knows? Just give me all of the things.

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