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May 14 2016, 08:47 PM

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ha neul's entire life has been affirmation of a suspicion that has followed her throughout her life: though some people were meant to be loved...she wasn't one of those people. she's never had a family that loved her, and her love life has been devoid of the love she's needed. if it wasn't for her daughter, she wouldn't know what it meant to love or be loved. and she's accepted that. rather than seeking her own happiness, her life is dedicated to her daughter, in hopes that she'll never have to live the same pitiful life, that she'll have all the opportunities her mother was never afforded.<p>
it's sad to think about, someone accepting they'll die alone, unloved for their entire life. and fortunately, i'm not cruel enough to doom ha neul to this fate. hence, this request is for love to enter her life, a healthy love for once. the details are really vague, because i'd like to keep the character and circumstances open, but basically the character i'm requesting is someone who can challenge ha neul and force her to allow herself to be happy. <p>
personality-wise, he should be someone on the straight and narrow, though he doesn't have to have a completely clean record, although ha neul would definitely hold it against him, since she's been there and still attempting to recover from it. since she's as difficult as she is <s>a prickly pineapple</s> he should be able to tolerate her rough personality. and being the hopeless romantic i am, he should help her want to be a better person...getting out of her crappy apartment and, of course, helping her learn that people deserve second chances, particularly in regard to her daughter's father, who she has spent years keeping her daughter from.<p>
this request is open to new and existing characters, so if you think this would fit a character you already have, or if you'd like to re-model a character to fit, that's perfectly fine with me!
May 14 2016, 07:31 PM
<div class="panic">
<center><img src="" style="width: 150px; height: 150px; border: 5px solid #fff; border-radius: 100px; margin-bottom: 15px;"></center>
given their previous misadventure (and the aneurysm ha neul very narrowly avoided because of it), her grip on her daughter's hand was perhaps a bit too snug for the antsy four-year-old, who seemed eager to pull her mother along. in light of the nice weather, a day at the park served as a substitute for daycare, where byul burned off most of her energy most days of the week. compared to the playground near their neighborhood, where suspicious strangers lurked all hours of the day and the equipment itself seemed likely to cause injury, given its dilapidated state, the park was a place where ha neul could play happily alongside her daughter, without searching for any potential dangers. it was clean, and though she was always wary of unfamiliar people, byul often found other children her age to play with (which, understandably, she seemed to enjoy more than playing with her mother).<p>
but after hours of running around, it was time to return home, though not without a treat. ha neul had foolishly promised the little girl ice cream, a request she couldn't possibly deny when she asked so cutely. besides, seeing other children happily clutching ice cream cones, she could relate to the envy the girl was undoubtedly feeling, seeing them enjoy something she couldn't. it was a small expense, but one ha neul rarely splurged on, when each small luxury added up to more sensible purchases. today, however, it was something the pair would indulge in...even if the sugar would likely come back to bite her. <b>"byul...slow down,"</b> ha neul groaned, her feet all but dragging as she tiredly attempted to keep up. and slow down she did. unexpectedly, following her daughter's lead, ha neul came to a stop, screwing her face up at the fury of tugs her arm was forced to endure. <i>""</i> the tell-tale sign a headache was to come. <i>"can we look at the puppies?"</i> confirmation of an impending headache.<p>
denying byul's request always ended the same way: a flood of tears and that constant reminder she was the meanest mother in the world. not that ha neul couldn't tolerate the dramatics. it was her cool acceptance of her daughter's tantrum that earned her horrified glances from strangers who seemed to agree with the little girl, even without knowing what terrible crime she had committed. but...there was still time before the sun would disappear, the time limit ha neul gave to their day out. silently kicking herself for the trouble the trip would later cause, she gave the little girl a serious look before reluctantly nodding. <b>"come on,"</b> she said, resuming their walk toward the pet store. <b>"we can look at the puppies, but we still can't bring one home, okay? if you cry, because we can't get one, we won't come back."</b><P>
<center>SONG TAE JOON</center>
May 9 2016, 10:45 PM
<div class="panic">
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few people had the gall to accuse ha neul of having a sense of humor. whether the humor in question was good or rather poor made no difference. the accusation of its existence in any form was unfathomable enough. but there were brief moments when the prickly woman was actually tempted to laugh...though the difference between humor and delirium was sketchy. late nights provided the perfect atmosphere for this mood, as the night had a tendency of bringing out the numerous absurdities in her life. with an oversized sweatshirt over her dress and her black stilettos in hand, ha neul slowly walked down the sidewalk leading to her apartment complex, carefully stepping with on her tiptoes. for someone who spent most of her week in high heels, there were few people who lacked as much grace as ha neul. it was always an uncomfortable fit for the woman, adjusting to the unnatural arch of her feet. like a small child wearing her mother's shoes, she walked with her eyes glued to the ground, mindful of the tips she had acquired from observing others <i>small steps. heel to toe. one in front of the other</i> until she had adjusted enough to walk with a reasonable amount of stability (ideally, natural-looking stability). <p>
the shoes were the problem, she thought with a scowl. the black pumps were an extravagant purchase, one she had shied away from making, for obvious reasons. though her job paid well, at the end of the day, her earnings were poured into necessities. there were daycare expenses for byul, and of course, educational supplies she needed from day to day. there were clothes, groceries, and bills (not to mention the miscellaneous expenses her stingy sister charged her for). and what wasn't spent went straight to her savings. but the shoes were a work expense, she had reasoned. after all, there was no way the shoes from hell would be useful in her personal life. it was an attempt to play the part, modeling her style off her more stylish co-workers. but seeing her current predicament, it was clearly hit or miss. <b>"they better give me a refund,"</b> ha neul grumbled, watching the ground for broken glass or any other nasties her feet would be better off avoiding. her scraped heels were painful enough. the last thing she needed was another wound. <b>"stupid shoes. what's the point of brand names, then?"</b>
Apr 17 2016, 04:53 PM
<div class="panic">
<center><img src="" style="width: 150px; height: 150px; border: 5px solid #fff; border-radius: 100px; margin-bottom: 15px;"></center>
<b>"sorry i'm late!"</b> a short of breath ha neul called as she pushed through the door clinging to a motionless mass. where her purse typically hung on her shoulder, there was a large canvas bag, hardly the most glamorous substitute. the words were familiar, having been called all week from the same location around the same time by the very same person. ha neul prided herself on being a hard worker, someone dependable. but occasionally life happened. and it was one of those weeks where life just kept happening. with her sister enamored with a new boyfriend, nights she had originally agreed to watching her niece had been unexpectedly scrapped so the older woman could spend the night at the man's apartment. naturally, allowing her daughter in a stranger's home wasn't an option...and unsurprisingly, her sister had never offered an alternate arrangement. thus, night after night, ha neul found herself scrambling for sitters, an unreliable option for someone with few friends. and though it had worked for most of the week, ha neul had tirelessly sought arrangements for one more night, but to no avail.
<b>"wake up, sweetie,"</b> ha neul said softly, rubbing her daughter's back as she urged her to open her eyes. reluctantly, the little girl began to stir, her accompanying whines indicating her displeasure at being anywhere but bed. anxiously looking over her shoulder, ha neul set the child down, taking her small hand in hers. there were certainly going to be questions...she may have neglected mentioning she had a child when she applied for the job. but as far as she as concerned, byul's existence was no one's business but her own. anyway, had she mentioned the girl, she doubted they would have given her the job, in the first place...probably for this very reason. <b>"because you're a very good girl,"</b> ha neul began, leading the four year old to a table. <b>"you're going to play <i>quietly</i> while mommy talks to someone, okay?"</b> setting byul onto the seat, she unpacked some of the contents in the bag --- a coloring book, crayons, a juice box, and a bag of snacks --- which she set on the table. with byul situated, there was only one thing to take care of <s>other than, well, everything</s>...the boss. <P>

<center>#BAEK JEONG MIN</center> </div></center>[/dohtml]
Mar 28 2016, 08:55 PM
<div class="panic">
<center><img src="" style="width: 150px; height: 150px; border: 5px solid #fff; border-radius: 100px; margin-bottom: 15px;"></center>
spring brought a wave of relief to ha neul, who felt her crushing pessimism grow even more grim shivering under bus shelters during the snowy winter. by herself, it was tolerable at the bare minimum, as she pulled heavy layers tight around her, but it became more difficult hauling her daughter back and forth. byul, like her mother, was remarkably impatient, expressing the extent of her displeasure through her facial expressions. the two had a talent for sitting in silence but wearing every grievance on their animated faces. on the bus, however, the well-behaved four year old was like any other tired, annoyed child. strangers did not stop to compliment the little girl on her manners, on those days she was the nuisance everyone tried to run away from. and ha neul was the bad mother who could not appease her crying child.
nicer weather meant a break from the stuffy bus both ha neul and byul hated, as long as the child could tolerate the warm layers her mother dressed her in. to any passerby, it was probably a strange sight, a grown woman walking hand-in-hand with a tiny pile of clothes, but she was cautious about her daughter's health and comfort. and under their arrangement, byul tolerated her coat, her snugly wrapped scarf, her mittens, and her little hat, as long as the two could walk in the refreshing spring air. but while byul was able to enjoy the breeze and the sights of the burgeoning season, her mother was too distracted by her phone to appreciate the change in the city.
<b>"ahjussi, we paid that weeks ago,"</b> ha neul growled into the phone, her voice low in the presence of the countless strangers walking down the sidewalk. upon waking up, she was surprised to find the power had gone out, an unusual occurrence but one that did not rouse suspicion...until she realized it was only their apartment that seemed to be affected. it was one of many unpleasant, and frankly, unwanted, surprises ha neul had been "gifted" with. but while she could do little to stop the other problems in her life, this was one that would be fixed that very day. after all, she was in the right. her sister had tasked her with paying the bills, and they had the receipts to prove the transaction had taken place...the man was just a scam artist.<P>
<b>"<i>ahjussi</i>,"</b> ha neul barked ferociously, unable to take more of the man's nonsensical rambling. taken aback by her outburst, a number of eyes landed on her, but in her annoyance all she could do was meet each pair of eyes with a glare. <b>"i'm telling you,"</b> she said more quietly, <b>"i know we paid our bill...and if you don't turn the electricity back on i'll call the police. you can't do this."</b> with an exasperated sigh, ha neul rolled her eyes. <b>"we paid the month before too...and the month before."</b> <P>
bringing her phone-free hand to her head, ha neul scratched her head in frustration, but...the simple action jolted her to awareness. <i>byul</i>. immediately looking down by her side, her worst fear was realized...she was gone. <b>"byul?"</b> she shouted, looking around frantically. <b>"byul?"</b> up the sidewalk, down the sidewalk and across the street, the results were the same. there was no sign of the little girl. immediately ending the call, ha neul was unable to move. it was a silly reaction, wasn't it? she had nightmares about this scenario, about how she would react if byul had ever gotten away from her. but here she was with a missing child, too confused to make the next move.

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