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Apr 9 2016, 12:06 AM
<div class="panic">
<center><img src="" style="width: 150px; height: 150px; border: 5px solid #fff; border-radius: 100px; margin-bottom: 15px;"></center>

Dong Hae walked down the quiet and mostly abandoned hallway.  It wasn't an area of the mall most people ventured into.  Likely because they weren't supposed too.  Other than deliveries and staff of stores sent to the off-site store rooms, it generally remained abandoned. And disgusting. His nose scrunched very slightly.  Yeah, that was definitely a distinct piss smell.  Maybe not of the hobo variety, but definitely piss.  Of course Han Sol couldn’t have chosen to hide out somewhere that didn’t smell like a back alley and provided access to snack foods, that would be just too easy. But really, all things considered, it didn’t bother him all that much. Which probably should have bothered him more. He felt his phone vibrate in pocket, and fishing it out he glanced down at the screen. He rolled his eyes seeing another text from Han Sol asking where the hell he was, but despite the gesture, the small smile playing along his lips showed he was anything but annoyed. <br><br>

Sitting in his underwear on his bed playing Candy Crush was not exactly high on the list of fun ways to spend and evening, and up until ten minutes earlier, that was exactly what he’d been doing. Sure, there were things he [i]should[/b] be doing, a pile of of projects for school he was avoiding, a mountain of laundry that was getting bigger and more unruly by the day, but boring as the candy crush was, in the long run, it was infinitely better than those options. And truth be told, it was really only a matter of time before he started harassing someone to keep him entertained anyways, Han Sol had simply beaten him to the punch. It honestly didn’t even matter what they ended up doing, even sitting in the store room and bullshitting would be more entertaining than hanging around on his own. He slid his phone back into his pocket without replying, he would be there quick enough. <br><br>

He reached the back store room and unceremoniously shoved the door open, hoping to startle Han Sol. The rank hallways smell was replaced by the rather delightful (to him at least) smell of stale smoke, and his eyes scanned the cramped storage space, landing on Han Sol. He threw his hands up in an exaggerated gesture. “I am here, as requested Knight in shinning armor to save you from this hellish... I don’t know what, I’ve pretty much exhausted my vocabulary. So.... sup? I’m here and I’m wearing pants, so you know, that’s a bonus.” He pulled a smoke out a rumpled looking pack and shoved it between his lips and patted down his pockets, looking for a lighter as he wandered over. “Great place you have here, I really like what you’ve done with it. So warm and welcoming.” he said, smirking around his cigarette.

Mar 14 2016, 02:22 PM
<div class="panic">
<center><img src="" style="width: 150px; height: 150px; border: 5px solid #fff; border-radius: 100px; margin-bottom: 15px;"></center>

Dong Hae was spread out across his bed, limbs askew, staring at the ceiling. It was late. Or rather it was late enough that he should be considering going to bed. With an early class the next morning, it would be the responsible thing to do. Responsible, however, wasn’t exactly something he excelled at. He was trying though, that should count for something. He just needed his brain to turn off, something that he really should have no issue doing, considering it never really seemed like it was fully on in the first place, but of course as he lay there, trying to make himself a blank canvass, he couldn’t stop any number of inane, but distracting nonetheless, thoughts from circling around his head. <br><br>

With a bit of a sigh, he sat himself up, pulling his legs crossed. He tapped a little staccato rhythm with his hands on the tops of his knees, eyes darting around the room.. He took in the state, it was definitely teetering on the edge of messy and nudging towards disaster. While he managed to keep the common areas fairly decent, hurricane Dong Hae always had a way of settling in his personal space and making it look like an explosion of personal effects had gone off. There was a brief moment where he considered maybe, just maybe, tidying up. But that was dismissed quickly with a shake of his head. He was wide awake and bored, but he wasn’t that desperate. <br><br>

He clucked his tongue. Really there was only one option open to him, he had no other choice. He would have to barge in on one of his roommates and demand entertainment. It couldn’t be helped. With ease, he hopped out of bed and with a surprising grace, navigated the mess of things scattered across his floor. In the hall, he hesitated. He could hear the TV coming from the living room. More proof that it really wasn’t all that late. He listened for a moment, it sounded like it was one of thse cheesy dramas that Cheol Sook was so fond of. No thanks. He had enjoyed a guilty pleasure or two, watching the silly fluff with his youngest roommate, but a guy could only do that so often before he went a little mental. Han Bin it was then. <br><br>

He walked down the hall, stopping in front of the young man’s door. It was slightly askew, so Dong Hae took that as an invite to just let himself in. When you lived with three other people (especially when one was Dong Hae), he figured if you actually wanted to be left alone, you had better bolt your door. He did offer the courtesy of a couple of loud knocks against the wood before just letting himself into the other mans room. Photography crap was flung all over the place, Dong Hae was half convinced it could take over the whole apartment if left to its own devices. But he ignored that, making his way directly to the bed, and flinging himself onto the mattress dramatically. He rolled onto his side, resting his head on his hand, batting his eyelashes towards his roommate “Paint me like one of your French girls Jack” he said in a high pitched, girly voice. “Or maybe, photograph me like one of your Korean girls Han Bin?” he said with a grin before sitting up, crossed legged again, just on the entirely wrong bed this time around. “Nah, never mind, that doesn’t have the same ring.... Also, and more importantly, I am so utterly, completely, astoundingly, bored. I need you Han Bin, you’re my only hope.

Mar 8 2016, 09:40 PM
[dohtml]<center><div id="loft"><table><tr> <td><div style="width:250px;padding:15px;height:400px;border:1px solid #ebebeb;margin-top:0px;"><center><div class="appava">
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<div style="WIDTH:150PX;MARGIN-TOP:12PX;">
<div class="cinfo">FACECLAIM: <span> BYUN BAEK HYUN </span></div>
<div class="cinfo">MEMBERGROUP: <span> LOFT </span></div>
<div class="cinfo">APT #:<span>  1006</span></div>
<div class="cinfo">ALIAS: <span> SILVER </span></div>
<div class="cinfo">TIMEZONE: <span> MST </span></div><div class="cinfo">CONTACT: <span> PM</span></div>
 </div></div></div></div></div></center><div style="padding:5px;"></div><div class="charanamebkg"><div class="charaname">
   bang dong hae
   </DIV></div></div></td><td><Td></Td></td><td><div class="appbkg"><div class="tabs"> <div class="tab"><input type="radio" id="tab-1" name="tab-group-1" checked> <label for="tab-1">I</label><div class="content"><div class="contitle">THE 411</div><div class="context">

<BR><B>full name:</B> bang dong hae
<BR><B>other names used:</B> n/a
<BR><B>birthdate:</B>  august thirteenth
<BR><B>preferred pronouns</b>: he/him
<BR><B>age:</B> twenty one
<BR><B>birthplace:</B> daegu, south korea
<BR><B>hometown:</B> daegu, south korea
<BR><B>zodiac sign:</B> leo

<BR><BR><B>romantic orientation</b>: biromantic
<BR><B>sexual orientation</b>: bisexual
<BR><B>relationship status</b>: single and ready to mingle
<BR><B>languages known</b>: korean

<BR><BR><B>high school:</B> cheonggu high school
<BR><B>college:</B> busan national university
<BR><B>occupation:</B> sculptor by day, server at su noodles by night

<BR><BR><B>blood type:</B> a negative
<BR><B>allergies:</B> n/a
<BR><B>tattoos:</B> n/a

<BR><BR><B>fears</b>: being alone forever, not making something of himself, turning out exactly like his father, riding a bike, small dogs (the big ones are fine, those tiny ones freak him out)
<BR><B>pet peeves</b>: his dad being drunk or people who remind him of his dad being drunk, people who try and tell him what to do, people nagging him about how smoking is bad for you, people with too much money and not enough sense and people who carry around those stupid freaky tiny dogs and try to make him pet them.

<BR><BR><B>favorite song:</B> anarchy in the UK - the sex pistols
<BR><B>favorite artist / group:</B> too many to name
<BR><B>favorite movie:</B> all of the fast and the furious franchise
<BR><B>favorite book:</B> nothing really, he’s not into the whole reading for fun thing
<BR><B>favorite season:</b> summer

</div></div> </div><div class="tab"><input type="radio" id="tab-2" name="tab-group-1"><label for="tab-2">II</label><div class="content"><div class="contitle">THE STORY</div><div class="context">

Nobody ever taught Dong Hae how to be a decent human being.  No one really taught Dong Hae how to be a functioning adult either. Basically he missed the lessons on how to manage being a reasonable and contributing member of society. He tries, but he can’t quite shake his upbringing all the time. It's not his fault though, blame circumstances, blame his father, blame pretty much anyone but him.  That's what he has been doing for years and it has worked out great for him.  <br><br>
His story began on a fairly average, if overly hot, evening in August.  His parents Lee Chan Hee and Bang Sun Mi were not married, but deeply in love. The pregnancy had been unexpected and a child would add a heavy financial burden on their already meager budget. They were young, barely out of childhood themselves, and it was not ideal in any way, the pregnancy was not in any way supported by their individual family’s and it was clear that they were on their own. But they were happy about it, at the prospect of having a family of their own.  There was no happiness on the day he was born however.  There was excitement as his parents rushed to the hospital, but it was short lived.  Positioned poorly, he was unable to be birthed normally, and an emergency c section was preformed.  It was a routine procedure, in 94% of cases, there is no lasting damage to the mother.  In 6% there is.  As hard as it is to imagine someone dying in the first world due to childbirth in this day and age, it happens, and Dong Hae s mother was one such unfortunate statistic.  <br><br>
His father felt nothing the first time he held his son, other than hatred.  He did not feel the instant bond with his child, only anger that this small, mewling little creature was the reason his beloved was dead.  Though he was given time to absorb the loss, sitting in the hospital maternity ward, staring into the bassinet looking at his son, the nurses eventually needed to press him for a name to put on the birth certificate.  There had been so many names he and his love had batted around, naming the boy after himself, their fathers, grandfather's, there had been many nights where they sat on the couch, his hand resting on her swollen belly where they just talked and talked about the possibilities.  Chan Hee wanted none of that now.  He had turned to a janitor, sweeping up the floors on the ward nearby and demanded his name.  Dong Hae.  So that was it.  He was given his mother's family name, Bang, and the name of some randomly placed maintenance worker.<br><br>
I would love to say that things changed as the boy grew.  And they did, at times.  As he  aged, Dong Hae clearly started to resemble his mother, the same eyes, the same cheeks, the same big rectangular smile.  And his father warmed to him.  He was the only living embodiment he had left of Sun Mi.  On the outside, they seemed functional.  Though there was never much money, Chan Hee was a mechanic, and without a secondary income, things were tight, but neighbors always were there to help.  Watching Dong Hae when his father was at work, sending him home with dinner a few times a week, trying to help out the poor young widower left alone to support himself and his son.  On in the inside however, things festered.  Chan Hee had taken to drinking not long after the death of Sun Mi. To be fair, he found himself in an impossible situation. He was young, and his life was never going to be fully his again. He lost the woman he loved and gained a child he had no idea how to raise.  Those first few years, there were many times baby Dong Hae would scream and scream for hours and his father, drunk and in a stupor wouldn't respond. It was a miracle he survived infancy. <br><br>
It never went away.  As Dong Hae grew up, there were two sides to his home life.  The one where his father loved him, saw him as a piece of his mother.  And the one where his father drank, where he openly blamed his son for the death of his mother, where neglect ran rampant.<br><br>
Physical abuse didn't start until he was 7, and it wasn't much to begin with, a slap here and there when Dong Hae was being  particularly annoying or loathsome in his father's eyes. He was not an easy child by any means. He was loud and boisterous, prone to rule breaking, and seemingly immune to any sort of imposed authority figure. Nothing of course could ever justify Chan Hee and his actions, but it was what the man said to lessen the guilt when he was sober and looking at the bruise on his son’s cheek. It only grew worse as the years went on.  Dong Hae was an expert at hiding it.  He was after all just a little kid, he only had his dad, and he loved him despite everything.   He knew it wasn't normal, but he also did not want to do anything that would upset the balance at home. As bad as things ever got when his dad was drinking, he was always a different person when he was sober. <br><br>
By the time he was in junior high, things had gotten bad. They were barely able to make ends meet, and it seemed like every spare cent they had, Chan Hee was spending on liquor. Dong Hae would often go to school hungry, his second hand uniform in need of mending, and on more than one occasion, with a black eye. He got into fights at school, displaying an aggressive nature that was at odds with his sweet face. He preformed dismally in class, he never paid any attention, he was often distracted and disrupted class, and his grades were usually floating around the bottom of the class. He was dubbed a trouble maker early on, and it suited him fine. That his teachers blamed his bruises and black eyes on fighting with his peers, and his hallow eyed, blank face during lessons on his lack of attention suited him well. It hid the fact that his father had been particularity rough the nigh before and beaten him up. It covered up that he was so blank and non responsive because he hadn’t slept, he had been too busy taking care of his father and making sure he didn’t hurt himself when he passed out.<br><br>
High school came around and Dong Hae was all but labeled a lost cause. He was always considered a bit rough, and his friends reflected that. Every school has that group of kids, you know, the bad ones, the ones that never show up to class, smoke on the school steps, the ones who immediately cast as the bullies, the no goodniks, the kids from the wrong side of the tracks. You may as well call Dong Hae Sodapop, because he and his friends were the Greasers of their school and people had long since given up giving them a chance. As he grew older, he became less and less occupied with keeping his father safe, and more and more bitter in his own right. He rarely spent time at home, he was usually out and often up to no good. Among his friends, he was arguably the least destructive. He drank and smoke way more than he should, but he was never into drugs. Despite the fact that he was pulled into many fights, he never really enjoyed the violence. He was arguably the good kid within his group of bad apples. Usually the moodmaker, occasionally the voice of reason (though ‘reason’ was very, very relative), and often the one who shied away from making the truly poor life choices. <br><br>
Things came to a head for him when he was 16. He and his friends were out late on a Thursday night in a public park, drinking and generally being a nuisance. The police were called, and one of his friends, Jin Woo, had marijuana on him. It was no big deal really, just something that he intended to smoke later, not enough to be terrible, but it wouldn’t be the first time this friend was caught in possession of drugs. Dong Hae had a clean slate, so he took the bag and claimed it was his. He was arrested, no charges were filed, and he was eventually let go with a warning, but his father lost his mind. When he picked him up from the police station, already reeking of alcohol, Dong Hae knew it would be bad. The fight was huge, there were a lot of harsh words flung from both of them, and for the first time, when Chan Hee started throwing punches, Dong Hae retaliated. It didn’t stop him from being beaten to a pulp, but it made him feel good nonetheless. <br><br>
He ran away from home that night and intended to never go back. He was holed up with Jin Woo (Dong Hae figured he owed him one), the and it was that that saved him. He couldn’t keep the abuse quiet, he was in a sorry state when he arrived on Jin Woo’s porch, and his mother was there to witness it. She intervened on his behalf, taking it upon herself to help the boy. Assault charges were filed against Chan Hee, and through the courts, she was awarded temporary custody of him. It was a world of difference. Unlike his own upbringing, Jin Woo had a fairly cushy life. Yes, his parents were divorced, but his mother was a lawyer and father was a CPA, he had grown up in a comfortable, moderate middle class environment. He chose to act out as a form of rebellion. Dong Hae felt safe and actually cared for, and the change in his attitude was noticeable almost instantly. <br><br>
He was still rough around the edges, and would never be a pristine or perfect kid, but he was a little softer, some of his edges had been smoothed out. Despite an initial outrage, he started going to weekly therapy sessions. He learned to, not let go of his resentment for his father, the ungrieved loss of his mother, or his anger, but to channel it through less destructive means. It was then that he started sculpting, creating something from nothing, putting his turbulent emotions into something physical. His first constructs were violent looking things, the pent up rage evident in every landscape he created. It was meant to be a kind of therapy, nothing more. But raw emotion crafted into physical being is powerful, and not only did it help soothe him, but it garnered him praise, something he had never been used to getting. <br><br>
He grew out of those troublesome friendships, it wasn’t anything personal, he was just becoming a different type of person. In fact, the only friend from high school he is still in contact with is Jin Woo, and that is probably because he had become more like a brother than anything else. Dong Hae was still utterly abysmal at school, but he was at least more focused. He spent more time honing his craft when ditching class, less time hanging out being a hooligan. He was in a far better place, emotionally and physically as high school came to an end. <br><br>
He had little to do with his father since he had been forcibly removed from his care. When his dad showed up at his graduation ceremony, clean cut, and apparently sober, Dong Hae didn’t know what to make of it. He agreed to go for dinner afterward, where his father explained that he had hit rock bottom after Dong Hae left, and it had taken that for him to realize how far gone he had been. He apologized, told his son that he had stopped drinking, he had in fact been sober for 9 months. He wanted to have his son back, and wanted to be the father he should have been. Dong Hae was understandably cautious, but willing to give him a shot. Not something the boy he had been at 16 would have ever considered. They are not close, not by any means, but they are in each others lives, which in itself is something exceptional. <br><br>
With the encouragement of Jin Woos mother, Dong Hae had applied for fine art scholarships through out the country. He had never been given much to hope for in his life, and assumed that he would never actually get anything from it. So when he received funding to go to Busan National University, he had been utterly floored. It was truly the first positive step he took towards a better future when he accepted. He made the move to Busan, he first lived on campus in student subsidized housing. His scholarship paid for his education, but nothing else. He made ends meet working part time as a server at a noodle shop (bonus, they also feed him, score). <br><br>
Dong Hae did well in his new environment, it was nice that he wasn’t simply cast as the bad apple or the troublemaker, and his previous indiscretions were miles away. He thrived in the fine arts department, learning new techniques and also just learning what he wanted to say with his work. He made new friends, arguably better friends, and ended up sharing a loft together. He was, and probably always will be a bit rough, still a little more aggressive than you would expect, loud and boisterous, still always smoking and quick to agree to a couple of beers. But nothing compared to what could have happened, and he is well aware. His life could have taken a very different turn. He is happy, healthy and doing something he is passionate about (his art, clearly, not the noodles, who is passionate about noodles?)

<P></div></div></div><div class="tab"><input type="radio" id="tab-3" name="tab-group-1"><label for="tab-3">III</label><div class="content"><div class="contitle">THE SHIPS</div><div class="context">

<B>BESTIES</B>: Dong Hae is a pretty out there guy. He is loud, crass, and always up for a good time. He can seem pretty welcoming to the outsider, he may call you an a-hole and rile you up, but it is usually done with a big smile on his face and with a chuckle. He seems a bit odd at times, with an off colour sense of humor and a willingness to do pretty much anything. He doesn’t trust easily though, and while he would have no problem hanging out with almost anyone, he opens up all of his heart to a chosen few. At this point, it would be primarily his ragtag crew of roomies and a one childhood friend. He is a sucker for attention and loves when he is the focus of all eyes in the room. He also was never really accustomed to getting affection, so those that show it freely would either be 1) Glommed onto or 2) instantly distrusted. He does have some major trust issues. So many that I feel the need to insert his whole not trusting easily twice. This boy keeps a tight lock on his inner emotions and feelings. Once you are in however, he is an open book. He will tell you anything and everything, even things you would really rather not know. He will have your back whenever you need it, and like a persistent fungus, be impossible to get rid of. He’s a little bit of a mess to be honest, but a mess that is probably worth it.

<B>BITCHES</B>: Yeah, he would have a fair few of these. First off, Dong Hae can be one critical S.O.B. He does not hesitate to belittle someone, and often does it without really thinking. He is overly prideful, and after not having anything worth praise for so long in his life, he is unabashedly proud when it comes to what he is good at (namely his art... Well that and his superb make out abilities, but that is probably just in his head). He can come across as quite superior when it comes to that. He also has a tendency to flip moods on a dime, seemingly cheerful one second and berating the next. He is far more aggressive than people would assume from looking at him, and while not likely to throw the first punch, he would definitely get up in someones face provoking them into doing so. He may be small, but he is mighty- ish... More like if he is in a fight, he has little regard for his own safety and usually would come across as batshit crazy. He has a hate on for people who criticize him, his art, or his friends (it’s only ok when he does it), for people who complain about their lives when they are in fact living it up, he can’t stand the super rich and elite, and will almost always pick a fight with drunk, older men (daddy issues much?)

<B>BABES</B>:  Dong Hae is kind of an jerk when it comes to his love life. He plays hard and fast with people’s emotions, he doesn’t necessarily mean too, but god help you if you have actual emotions tied into Dong Hae, because he will probably break you a little bit. He does all things, he will have random hook ups and one night stands, he will do the whole casual, friends with benefits thing, he will “date”, but those relationships are plagued with infidelity on his part. But he really doesn’t put much stock in it. He is pretty closed off emotionally, and this is especially true when it comes to his love life. It’s more about the physical benefits than anything else. Maybe its because love was not really something he had growing up, or because he never really had any role models for a healthy, normal relationship, who knows, whatever the reason he is not exactly the poster child for healthy relationships. He doesn’t go out of his way to be a tool on purpose, but it happens nonetheless. As for his preference, it is definitely women at this point in time. He has never actually had any sort of emotional or physical relationship with another man, he just knows that he is attracted to them as well and he will probably need some way to explore this in the future. Women however are easier, he knows what works with women, he is ‘cute’ and that usually is enough to get what he wants. He will lie, he will cheat, he is the guy who will tell someone he loves them to get in their pants. Basically, he is a colossal jerk. I am thinking it is going to take someone pretty epic to get him to change his ways, but honestly have no thoughts on what that would actually be. But hit me up with all of the ideas, I am open to all of the things!

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