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<div class="cinfo">FACECLAIM: <span>KIM HYUN A</span></div>
<div class="cinfo">MEMBERGROUP: <span> PENTHOUSE</span></div>
<div class="cinfo">APT #:<span> 1109 </span></div>
<div class="cinfo">ALIAS: <span> BIJOU </span></div>
<div class="cinfo">TIMEZONE: <span> EST </span></div><div class="cinfo">CONTACT: <span> SKYPE/PM </span></div>

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묘 애란

</DIV></div></div></td><td><Td></Td></td><td><div class="appbkg"><div class="tabs"> <div class="tab"><input type="radio" id="tab-1" name="tab-group-1" checked> <label for="tab-1">I</label><div class="content"><div class="contitle">THE 411</div><div class="context">

<BR><B>full name:</B> myo ae ran
<BR><B>other names used:</B> erin
<BR><B>birthdate:</B> july 23
<BR><B>preferred pronouns:</b> she / her
<BR><B>age:</B> twenty-two
<BR><B>birthplace:</B> dongnae district, busan, south korea
<BR><B>hometown:</B> haeundae district, busan, south korea
<BR><B>zodiac sign:</B> leo

<BR><BR><B>romantic orientation:</b> bisexual
<BR><B>sexual orientation:</b> biromantic
<BR><B>relationship status:</b> single
<BR><B>languages known:</b> korean, japanese and english

<BR><BR><B>high school:</B> kyungnam high school
<BR><B>college:</B> ewha womans university
<BR><B>occupation:</B> radio host / comedian

<BR><BR><B>blood type:</B> O
<BR><B>allergies:</B> none
<BR><B>tattoos:</B> on her left shoulder, on her right inner arm and her lower-back

<BR><BR><B>fears:</b> becoming stalked, disappointing her fans, saesang fans, her pet cat being lost, not amounting to anything, giving bad advice, thunder and lightning, falling down the stairs and being trapped in an elevator
<BR><B>pet peeves:</b> her family, overcompensation, whiners/complainers, condescending pricks, those who don't take 'no' for an answer, those who are spoiled, those who talk over others, those to take long to respond, those who prank call her show, those who inquire about her family, loud breathing, loose tags, "no offense, but" statements, fighting, selfishness, criticism, sexism, routine, tardiness (unless there's a good reason) and showing up to work hung-over, high maintenance people, hecklers

<BR><BR><B>favorite song:</B> sayonara (ft. spexial) by ayumi hamasaki
<BR><B>favorite artist / group:</B> memtrix / fauxliage
<BR><B>favorite movie:</B> down with love
<BR><B>favorite book:</B> the unbearable lightness of being by milan kundera
<BR><B>favorite season:</b> spring

</div></div> </div><div class="tab"><input type="radio" id="tab-2" name="tab-group-1"><label for="tab-2">II</label><div class="content"><div class="contitle">THE STORY</div><div class="context">

<center><div style="width: 150px; background-color: white; color: black; border-bottom: 1px solid #444; font-family: times; font-size: 9px; font-style: italic; letter-spacing: 2px; line-height: 130%; padding: 20px 0px; text-align: justify; text-transform: lowercase;">


growth is simply learning how to suffer gracefully, elegantly and not letting your pain completely tear you apart.

✗ ✗ ✗
<i>ae ran;</i> erin’s one of a set of four brats each unique in their own brattiness though she stands out as being the youngest and the only one with estrogen issues while the rest of her older siblings are with their testosterone issues and intolerable egos. neither her mother or her father's favorite, erin grew up feeling pretty translucent and unattached to her prestigious acting family and it was all due to her refusing to be raised in the spotlight with the rest of them. it isn't surprising her family isn't the most pleasant of families behind mansion walls and they're far from the world's greatest one as well. erin cannot recall an affectionate moment with her family for as long as she had been alive.
<i>erin;</i> over the years, life at home would later become a bitter cocktail of family dysfunction. domestic disputes, neglect, alcoholism, drug abuse, gambling and affairs. slowly and cynically, erin grew to learn that any love or care under the wretched household would only be meted out in tiny increments. that, in itself, is a difficult truth to come up against, she collides with it time and time again until she has to admit that it's a wall that can't be climbed. her family was fragmented. the damage was irreparable. in order to scrape as much attention as she could get, little girl lost began to act out.
it was easier to bend the rules than play the role of a prim and proper daughter on the straight and narrow. she became notorious in her own right, for her parties, for getting into cat fights, for her flirtatious tendencies, and for sleeping around with men who dared to test the boundaries with her father. To stick to the skinny, erin’s early life was 10 pounds of sad in a 5-pound bag.
despite this was a dark chapter in her life, erin learned to grow an incredible sense of humor to bring ease a difficult situation or bring smiles and laughter to those struggling just like her and that sense of humor was credible to her later success in stand-up comedy. she would spend several years developing her material in clubs and her career began to build after appearances on television and university campuses. comedy was just the thing she needed to get back right on her feet again.
it wasn't easy, but she made it out alive. she cut ties, got help, got clean, got a degree in communication from EWU and now holds a promising career in comedy and radio. she currently hosts a syndicated radio call-in program called 'Busan Loveline'.
<center><div style="width: 150px; background-color: white; color: black; border-bottom: 1px solid #444; font-family: times; font-size: 9px; font-style: italic; letter-spacing: 2px; line-height: 130%; padding: 20px 0px; text-align: justify; text-transform: lowercase;">


break often - not like porcelain, but like waves.

✗ ✗ ✗
<ul style="list-style-type:circle">
<li> participates in a weekly yoga class
<li> has a mild tea addiction and collects various teas
<li> doesn't like being open or being perceived as weak
<li> loves playing laser tag on the weekends w/ her friends
<li> does love to learn, and dabbles in a lot of subjects and interests
<li> if you ask her about her family or her past, she'll joke her way out of it
<li> has a pet cat named noel, got him as a christmas present a few years back
<li> hurt or steal noel from her, she'll hunt your sorry ass down and make you cry
<li> speaking of making someone cry, she has won 13/17 fights with other women in the past
<li> in her shitty moods she can come off as rather gossipy and petty in that Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned fashion, though she generally catches herself before she wrecks herself. this was moreso in her youth.
<li> had a brief stint as a singer for a band; wrote a song and performed it entirely in fluent english
<li> very into the arts; enjoys playing instruments like the guitar and has dancing for hobby
<li> shuns her family because of #reasons that are mostly juvenile but here we are

<P></div></div></div><div class="tab"><input type="radio" id="tab-3" name="tab-group-1"><label for="tab-3">III</label><div class="content"><div class="contitle">THE SHIPS</div><div class="context">

<B>BESTIES:</B> erin comes off in that calm before the storm type of way. comes off as sort of quiet at first—a bit of an enigma with a great sense of humor attached, elegant and poised but with a crackling energy beneath, just waiting for the opportunity to break out once she's gotten to know you better. once she's gotten to know you better, she's an easy person to be around; full of quick smiles, easy laughter, and a great amount of good humor. really, aside from her dilapidated mental health, she's a ridiculously loyal and frivolous woman with a heart of gold if just given a chance. her friends are her surrogate family. they mean a lot to her.. even if she does give them some hell, but its a worthy hell. childhood friends, school friends, co-workers at the station are some ideas here. erin should have a lot of friends because she just likes people, ok?<P>

<B>BITCHES:</B> probably has more than her fair share, but enemies are something she takes lightly and with play nowadays. she doesn't do enemies and honestly doesn't have the time for those who don't like her. however, she always seems to have a way of poking at those deliciously sensitive and desirous areas and make people get hot under the collar. it's funny for her. she also does have stances of stepping on toes and nerves when she's being pushed. but if there was a point where someone did get on her nerves, she wouldn't hesitate to make their lives a little more interesting. i'll leave that up to your interpretation.<P>

<B>BABES:</B> this woman's a 110% hot mess at all times. what her father said to her during a heated argument still sticks with her: "you're not the type of girl someone would marry, you're gonna be a homewrecker" and she thinks about it a lot. it fucked her up. was it rude of him to say? yeah maybe. was it true? definitely. she won't lie, it's in her past. she stole someone's man and got engaged to that man for maybe five months?? and it was awful. she doesn't want to go through that again. erin, like any other imperfect human being, is a lot of work. she's kind of in this mindset that short-term things are better for her because it's less hassle. flirting and teasing is like a hobby to her. she likes to make people feel good about themselves and she’s got confidence in abundance. combine the three and you’ve got one very happy individual. but don't be so hasty to judge, just because erin sleeps around doesn't mean she hasn't had any real relationships before. she's had maybe one or three boyfriends in the past, but only one out of the three proposed. however, she broke off the engagement a few months into it bc she was miserable. she's currently got no one on her docket, so she's free to mingle. ♥

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