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 WHAT NOT TO WEAR, + eun mi
 Posted: Mar 29 2016, 01:17 AM
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this was one of the most confusing predicaments that se joon had ever found himself in. mathematics, composition, he could do all that in his sleep, but this? this was a challenge. when he had been living in germany there had always been someone to help with this, in fact the assistant had been overly attentive on so many level. this had been one of them. se joon had no fashion sense. the young pianist had never been exposed to it the way one normally was. he had always had someone to take care of that for him. someone to help with his daily wardrobe. but he had insisted on independence, but everything was an adjustment. it wasn't that se joon could dress himself (please), but he simple could coordinate. with this cocktail party coming up, he was at a loss. his eyes bugged out as he looked over a suit and some dress shirts. what color looked good on him? what type of pants looked better? was one thing more appropriate than another? why did fashion suddenly feel like rocket science? the employees were busy staring at him and really all he could do was duck and hide, attempting to avoid looking foolish.
 Posted: May 2 2016, 04:37 PM
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Do you think he needs assistance? He's been standing there for a good fifteen minutes. Eun managed to overhear a few of the clerks speaking in hushed voices while watching the sad scene of a feel so undecided on what his attire should be. Yeah, it might have been nice to help him out just a bit especially while watching the struggle he seemed to be dealing with. "It's too dark, you're not planning on going to a funeral or maybe you're a secret service agent?" The woman's statements came out as a teasing bout of question once she finally got fed up with watching how he fumbled around.

Just because she worked in the culinary industry didn't mean fashion flew over her head, beside no one else looked as though they were about to step forward. "Try this one, it's a light magenta...." Tugging at one of the dress shirts and curling a finger at him to call him to come closer. Strangers or not the two of them could be beneficial. Maybe after assisting him now, later on he would be interested in taking some of his friends to visit her restaurant. A woman always needed to think on her toes.

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