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 half shell, bij // erin
 Posted: Mar 2 2016, 11:50 PM
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to anyone that knows sun mi even the slightest bit, they know she spends any time outside of work and school at the beach or by any other body of water that she can get out to. there's just something about the lulling sound of water that inexplicably draws her to the shoreline although the research project due at the end of the semester helped too. today, though, sun mi has chosen not to bring out any of her research materials with her and finds herself sprawling out in the sand.

some people got irritated by sand getting everywhere but sun mi had long since learned to love the feel of the warm grains sinking into every nook and cranny of her body just like she loved the feel of the water enveloping her body like a blanket. but it's still march and she knows the water is still lingering far closer to freezing than it was towards survivable so sun mi has a feeling it'll probably be at least another month or two before she'd diving in. though some how, two toddlers a couple meters away are happily splashing away like the ocean isn't minus one hundred degrees. children, she'd long since decided, were dumb as shit.

sun mi pulls herself to her feet eventually, brushing sand off of her shorts (because the air was a lot warmer than the water) and starting slowly towards the rocky outcropping towards the more abandoned end of the beach which had been the focal point of her research. even if she hadn't come out here to take measurements, she could always do a little bit of observation. however, she's mildly surprised to find someone else also scaling the rocks. "oh..." she mumbles out loud, brows furrowing in confusion. "i- can i help you?" sun mi questions, glancing from some of the shelled creatures sticking towards the side of one of the boulders and then to the other girl.

 Posted: Mar 13 2016, 11:22 PM
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Erin glided in and out of the early morning mist as if she were hovering off the ground. Her tempo, fast by most standards, was casual for her. Her running shoes made almost no sound as they floated over the wooded trail, while her visible breath shot forth in rhythmic intervals, coinciding with her footfalls. Twenty-two and extremely fit, Erin relished in keeping herself in shape. She wore a black track suit that covered her from head to toe; the hood riding up, hiding her shoulder length dyed-blonde hair.

She made her way down the route suddenly breaking through the fog and then disappearing again like a ghost. This was just the way she liked it. As she came to a sharp bend in the trail, she re-positioned her stance to take her up a hill on the other side to where Haeundae Beach was. Her speed increased slightly in anticipation, which was also partly due to the steep path she climbed down hill towards the beach.

When Erin arrived at her destination, the environment was far more different than earlier. There was no cold embraces of the early morning cold and mist, just the warm and welcoming kisses of the sun on her flushed flesh and the slight nip in the air due to the cold waters. She made it.

As she speed walked along the wet and foamy shorelines, she noted just how cold those waters were. It felt like cold little knives just cutting into your ankles or whatever exposed flesh it could nip at, it wasn't long before she was on the grainy sand again. The waves were bad this time of the month and normally empty of even the most avid surfer. Speaking of empty, she noticed the beach was almost scarce of any active life. Well, save for little kids and older people that strolled about for the sake of exercise and fresh air in the early morning.

Erin pushed the mint headband back up to her hairline to prevent her hair from sticking to her sweaty forehead and she then proceeded to take out her electronic device from her pouch to see if there had been any missed texts or calls. There were a few. As she scrolled through, she laughed at a few photos taken to make her envious of last night's activities she didn't partake in. Eyes flashing up and away from her device, she glanced around for a spot to settle and cool down before another run. Not keen on wanting sandy track pants or shoes, she decided to jog on over to the end of the beach to the rocky shores to sit down and reply to some messages and take an early morning selfie for her instagram account.

And so as it turned out, the whole selfie idea turned out to be a terrible idea. Erin now was scuffing up her knees bloody and straining her arm to reach for her metallic pink iPhone, which had fallen into a crevice between a pair of rocks she'd been standing on to take the damn selfie. “Son of a bitch. There better not be any water damage.” she hissed as she attempted to reach once again, refusing to give up. “Ugh, c'mon! Come to eomma!”

Just as Erin thought she had a solid hold on the device, her fingers slipped as a voice piped up behind her, catching her by surprise. Goddammit! Erin immediately glanced over her shoulder, almost tempted to glare daggers but she held off with a tiny smile. “Depends. Do you have long arms? 'Cause I surely-” She felt something. Could it be..? “Wait, wait, hold on!” Erin slowly reeled her arm back from the crevice to reveal what she had picked up. And it wasn't her phone.

OH MY GOD!Erin shrieked in horror, immediately hurling whatever creature had climbed onto her hand towards the sand and stood up in fright, disgust spilling across her features. “What the hell is that?!”

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