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 Posted: Jun 3 2016, 03:16 AM
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with a heavy heart, the admins have decided it's time to bid farewell to this wonderful board. it's been an awesome six months and it was our first try at this sort of real life genre. we had fun! and we loved everyone that stuck around. you guys are the best. we won't close the board right away, we'll leave it open for everyone that wants to keep threading on here. work and school cut into our muse for the board which sucks. and there's the disappointing side of some codes from this board have been stolen/ripped and being used elsewhere /cry. but the activity itself has decreased as well so we don't want to beat a dead horse. we're sorry but we are totally grateful to you guys and we look forward to digging back in with some fresh ideas we've been putting off for some time. to make it up to you guys and for being so awesome, active members will get a link and peek at our new venture. obviously you're not obligated, but if you're interested then just let me (bri) know i'll keep you updated. what does a peek mean? it means you'll get access to the board before we open officially.

thank you again for making cbm active and fun for six months. we love you!

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