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 we like to party, 0/3 roommates
 Posted: Jun 1 2016, 09:05 PM
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okay so these idiots live together and tbh its a miracle they haven't burned the whole place down yet. they probably either knew each other from high school or met when they were going to college in seoul. either way they're all out of college now and they decided to live together in busan while they get on their feet(and stop relying on their parents.) FC's, jobs and personalities are really pretty open, i just kinda threw them in there as suggestions tbh.
graphic/game designer
knows the whole "just do it" speech by heart
spends his free time making memes on photoshop
his first crush was probably an anime/video game character
has beaten every pokemon game ever
could probably hack into your computer if he wanted to
thinks rickrolling someone is an acceptable birthday gif
his theme song (just kidding)
(aspiring) writer/poet
actually enjoys reading the books they were assigned in hs
50% of the words out of his mouth are a quote from somewhere
his tumblr is full of his writing, "aethetic" photos, and "deep" text posts
acts like he had a really hard life when really his parents gave him literally everything he wanted
actually a pretty nice guy (but also a little bit of a Nice Guy™) [/list]
was one of the "cool kids" in high school
played like 5 sports
still goes to the gym almost every day
actually really nice
bonus points if he and sunny used to date/hook up in hs
open job
acts like he's a player; actually can't say more than 5 words to anyone he finds attractive without f'ing them up
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